Saturday, 9 November 2013


Well I must say, it's been a while since I've been to a purely Heavy Metal gig and the last few I have been to have been more hardcore, doom, black, thrash type of gigs, what I needed, what I wanted, what was promised was a night of good classic melodic metal, twin guitars, flying hair, clear vocals (singing rather than screaming) and that my friends is what this particular tour not only promised but also delivered, oh yes indeed, did it ever, it delivered by the bucketful!

Once again I have to give all credit to Bob Mardon & his crew at Club-85 especially to Roger King who promotes many nights at 85 and who reminded me that this gig was on and to Matt (Red) Turner who did an excellent job on the sound.

Matt hard at work

It was also good to see a significant contingent down / over from Cambridge, it's taken a long time to 'cement' the Herts / Cambs relationship and cross fertilisation but it seems to happening more and more which is a very excellent state of affairs for local live music.

So, First up were Southampton's Toledo Steel, and very good they were too:-
Toledo Steel

And then the always excellent Neuronspoiler:-


And then came a real treat, Wardrum all the way from Greece and only their 2nd ever UK performance:-


The evening was suitably 'topped off' by those darlings of the London metal scene, our own local heroes, Neverworld who played an absolutely storming set:-


Now, for this particular gig I went along on my own, there were of course a lot of people there I knew and it was especially good to see the Cambridge crew (Several of whom I know well from CRF).

I arrived at Club-85, sober
(Unlike the last day of October)
No stopping for real ale
In the Nightingale
This time t there wasn’t time
And I was alone
No fellowship
On my own
The lone metal-head
On a quest for melodic twin guitars
Resounding riffs, clear vocals
Flying hair, leather and yes
The resounding sound
Of Heavy Metal

Southampton spawned Toledo Steel
Kicked the off show
With a lovely early Maiden-esque feel
Impressed I must say was lil’ ol’ me
I bought the CD
And then Neuronspoiler
Dirty & loud
Did us proud
Before Greece’s Wardrum
They appeared to have fun
Only their 2nd ever UK gig
They’re gonna be big
And then the stars of the show
Neverworld, those local heroes
A storming set
Albeit too short, yet
Time waits for no man
And neither does First Capitol Connect
My mind still singing
My head still ringing
To the sound of four excellent bands
Sitting on the last train
I’m thinking
Club-85, you did it again!

Grant Meaby


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