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Wednesday 30th October and we were off to the capitol once more, this time to see the legendary Ozric Tentacles at the O2 Academy, Islington, supported by Forked Tongue and Mantis Mash.
For a change we started not in London but in St. Evenage in what is lovingly known as 'The Newtown Spoonies', there were several reasons for this, most importantly Chris, Kevin & myself had no particular desire to stay at work any later than 16:00, secondly FOOD (It was 'Chicken Wednesday' in Weatherspoons and of course because Paul couldn't get down to Stevenage until after 17:00 as he works the furthest away and last by by no means least, you need four people to get a 'Group 4' travel card and save lots of money on the rail fare.

So, suitably refreshed and with Paul now present we headed off down to London, through to The Angel, and into another Weatherspoons, The Glassworks, so that Paul could eat and the rest of us have another wee drinkie (Apart from Kevin who was driving later that night).

Of course to negotiate the Underground meant riding up and down on those dreaded things commonly known as, I find it hard to say or type, the, er, ESCALATORS, arghhhh...............................

Back on the horse that threw me!
OK, so what about the gig? First on were Forked Tongue who I would describe as 'Space Rock meets Punk meets Urban Rap', Sounds like a horrible combination but, not only does it work it works very well indeed, different, interesting and well worth seeing.

Forked Tongue in full sway
Next up was Mantis Mash, electronic dance trance DJ sort of thing, now please don't get me wrong, I love a lot of spacey electronica, dance, dub etc. Zetan Spore, Eat Static etc. but this guy bored me (& many others) witless, it wasn't bad, it was just all too samey and went on for far too long, still, it was a great opportunity to catch up on some sleep!

Mantis Mash

Me during Mantis Mash

But, well worth waking up for was the Ozric Tentacles, very much so indeed, if you want to know the bands history then look them up on Wikepedia or something, they were sublime, played a long set and a nice mix of numbers stretching back through their 30 years history and  tonight's gig (Strangely enough) was part of their 30th anniversary tour.

The Ozric Tentacles
In order not to embarrass myself I will not put on public record that I really like the Bass player, Brandi, bugger, I told myself I wasn't going to say that, oops, too late.

The current Ozrics line up is:-

Ed Wynne - guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, samples, koto, fretless bass, programming
Brandi Wynne - bass, synthesizer
Silas Wynne – keyboards
Paul Hankin-Conga Paul-Original and Founder Band Member
Bal√°zs Szende - drums

Now, instrumental rock is like Marmite, you either love it or you don't, I do, I did, for me one of the gigs of the year, one of, there have been so many and there was tomorrow night still to come!

The lights, the colours, The Ozrics

Ozrics Wednesday

Starting at Weatherspoons in Stevenage
On Wednesday the 30th of October
‘Chicken Wednesday’ & nice beers
But Kevin was staying sober

So we sat we ate we waited
For our Smiffy to arrive
Then it was off to the railway station
Another night in London to survive

It was straight down the tube to the Angel
And the Glasssworks so Paul could eat
They were doing ‘Chicken Wednesday’ too
Another tasty treat

We sauntered across to the O2 Academy
Thank goodness it was open upstairs
For there were the comfy sofas
And the lovely soft leather chairs

‘Forked Tongue’ were interesting & different
Sort of Space Rock meets punk meets rap
But the trancey dancey Mantismash
I’m sorry to say but it was total crap

Still Chris & I managed to grab some shut-eye
Until the Ozrics came on stage
For me they were just brilliant
Among the icons of my age

But instrumental rock’s like Marmite
You either love it or you do not
I did the other’s didn’t much
But the bass player was ‘hot’

The gig ran twenty minutes over time
Late London gigs can be a pain
But we made it back to Kings Cross
For pasties and our train

And when we were back in Stevenage
Kevin gave us all a lift back home
Because when you’re in the Fellowship
You’re never on your own

Grant Meaby


Homeward bound
And so another adventure comes to an end, until the next time (& at this rate it won't be long) BBFN.

Grant - 02/11/13

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