Sunday, 8 December 2013

Kingston, House of Progression Awards, Comedy of Errors, Pallas, People and 'Bus Wibbling'

Well, there is a post title to be reckoned with!
Never fear, all will be explained later, this blog is all about one of the best gigs / overall events I and the Fellowship of the Stick have been to for a long long time and for so many reasons.

So, the evening started with the first ever House of Progression Awards, and here are the winners as voted for by the fans, the awards were all splendid artworks by various members of the H.O.P. family, bands, friends and spouses etc. so all totally unique!

Best Band-Haken
Best Album-BBT, English Electric Full Power
Best Gig-Steven Steven Wilson R.A.H.
Best Vocalist Damian Wilson
Best Musician- Matt Stevens & Andy Tillison got equal votes!
Best Album Art Cover- Fish Feast of Consequences
Best Producer Steven Wilson
Best Indie Record Label- Inside Out Music
Best Fanzine/Web Site DPRP
Best Radio Show/Podcast Cliff 'Progzilla' Pearson
Best Dr Who-Tom Baker (Matt Smith. David Tennant came joint 2nd and it was very, very close!

And here is my own unique take on the proceedings!

Kingston – H.O.P. Awards, Comedy of Errors, Pallas and Bus Wibbling

We set off between three and half past
The roads were clear, the journey fast
By five we’d arrived
At Kingston-Upon-Thames
Checked into the Travelodge
Dumped our stuff in our rooms
And headed off to Weaherspoons
Pints of fine ale and pulled pork to consume

So here we are, less Roger, with Jane and Geoff

A short taxi ride took us to the Peel
It was tonight, the real deal
The House of Progression awards
And ‘Oh my Ladies and Lords’
The fabulous Christmas Bash
With Comedy of Errors
And of course Pallas

Roger had worked hard all afternoon with the bands

Even Eddie came along with jane

There were so many of our good friends there
Far too many to mention here
Facebook is the place for that kind of stuff
Suffice to say the five of us
Of the Fellowship of the Stick
Me. Kevin, Peter, Roger and Chris
Were somewhat bowled over
By the obvious outpourings of love
From our extended family of prog

And so on to the awards

Jon’s impression
Of Jerry Ewing
Was scarily 
Extremely funny
And all the awards well deserved

Jon in full flow as Jerry Ewing!
And then came a band I’d previously heard
But we’d never seen live before, never ever
Comedy of Errors

Comedy of Errors plated a great set
What a blinding set they played
Songs from the new album and from ‘Disobey’
I think it’s fair to say
They blew the crowd away
What an opener
There is hope for the future
Of  Prog

Well worth going to see if you get the chance

The time between the bands
Was the time to catch up with old friends
Wow! This was certainly the gig to be at
And we raised our glasses to absent friends
To those fighting personal battles 
We sent our thoughts and our love
There but for the grace of God above go we!

And there was Matt from Hekz and Garry too

Where do I begin?
Pallas played out of their skins
Paul Mackie has really put his vocal stamp
On the older material they play
And the new material is, dare I say
Quite different but also very recognizably Pallas
And long may it last

Despite technical problems
Something to do with the house lamps
Causing an irritating buzzing amp
They overcame this with a performance
Consummate, professional and exciting
For me a straightforward ten out of ten
OK I may be a little biased
But I love Pallas

Pallas at full blast

When the show was over
It took so long to leave the Peel
So many people to speak to and to see
But, at last, eventually
We made it back to Wetherspoons
For a late night JD
Before a nice cup of tea
And bed

Morning saw us back in Wetherspoons
Having slept remarkably well
And facing a truly deserved
Full English breakfast, served
With lashing of coffee
Well, Kevin went all healthy
With pancakes and porridge
(Very Scottish) 
But the rest of overdosed 
On bacon, sausage, egg, mushrooms, tomato, beans & toast!

The journey home was fun
With Roger now in the car
It just had to be done
The ancient rite of ‘Bus Wibbling’
Every time we passed a bus
Or indeed when one passed us
The three in the back seat ‘wibbled’
Probably dribbled too
Like you do
When rubbing your finger over you lips
Like one of those old Caravan tracks
See, even in our madness there is a tenuous
Prog connection of sorts

I had my eye on them in the back!
All in all a fantastic weekend
So my dear friends
Until the next time
Goodbye for now.

And a few more pictures from the night:-

So, until we go out and about again, which will probably be quite soon, so long for now.
Grant Meaby
Dec 8th 2013

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