Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Fellowship Gets Airbourne

Well, last week it might not have actually been a certain 'Smiffy's' birthday but it was his birthday celebration and the Fellowship treated him to a late afternoon and night out in that lovely city that we call London for a few sedate ales and a night of raucous kick ass rock and roll in the company of those Aussie funsters, Airbourne at The Forum in Kentish town.
I have seen Airbourne twice before so knew what to expect and I, indeed we, were not disappointed!.

Paul 'Smiffy' in Chris's hat
The Fellowship gets Airbourne

Chris and I took lunch at Wetherspoons
We are such a pair of foolish old loons
We tried a champion 7.2% cider from the bar
Perhaps a few percent too far
But what the heck
Get it down your neck
Washed down with a 6% trip to the dark side
And then with Kevin and Paul
a train ride
Off to London once again

Love on an escalator

No messing, no stopping off, no fuss
A tube ride and then a C2 bus
We went straight to The Southampton Arms
A splendid old pub with fine ales and historical charms
And no real reason to stray
So we stayed
For a few pints and for Paul and Kevin
To send themselves to porky heaven
With roast pork rolls and crackling
While n the roof the rain was cackling

Kevin & Chris, something's obviously funny!

In time it was time to take a stroll
Off to the Pineapple in Levington Road
Stopping at the Junction on the way
One average beer later as they say
But we had fun with the Christmas bar staff
And the table waitress, we made her laugh

Well there was Mistletoe 
The Pineapple was crowded but fun
Lots of people to talk to just had to be done
There were mums and dads and cute little babies
Students and old folk and real ale buffs, gentlemen, ladies
And then along came Peter, Peter, woo hoo!

The old 'Pint on head' trick

So “Saints alive”
We had been a foursome but now we were five!
A mass Fellowship gathering
Something special was starting to happen
Tonight’s revels were to be at the Forum
Just as well we had done the Southampton
Or Kevin would have been sad

Some of the Forum crew + MRC friends

The Treatment rocked
But Orange Goblin were not so hot
Airbourne, oh gosh when they came on
Aussie booze & kick ass rock & roll had to be done
They were awesome, brilliant and nice and LOUD
Rocked the arse off the capacity crowd
And there were friends of ours there from MRC
Along with Kev, Pete, Chris, Paul & me

Airbourne in full flow

There was only one thing left to do
A stroll down towards Kentish Town tube
It was chicken and chips time once again
Before taking the tube and the train
And a very welcome lift home from Peter
Another brilliant night sadly over.

Kevin explains train etiquette to Peter

It was indeed a splendid excursion, great Fellowship, great music, good beers, escalators safely negotiated, we survived to do it all again and very soon!

So until the next time, cool runnings one and all

Grant Meaby - Dec 2013

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