Saturday, 4 January 2014

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a new year, a year to be filled with new and exciting experiences and, hopefully, splendid gigs, and what a way to start the new year's gigging off with The Progfathers at Club-85 in Hitchin, preceded of course by the Fellowship New Years drink at the Nightingale.

Now, those who know me well know that despite my great love of all kinds of music and my addiction to live music in so many of it's forms, I don't, as a general rule, 'do' Tribute bands, cover bands in the pub, yeah, Ok, no problem, but straightforward tribute bands, no, I think it's because for every truly exceptional tribute band I've seen there have been so many not so good down to the outright embarrassing, but I am very pleased to say that The Progfathers were not only exceptional, they were utterly brilliant and I know it's very early days yet but a contender for 'gig of the year' already!

As it says on the tin, Set List

So, taking it from the top, here we go, straight in no messing:-

Once Upon A Time There were The Progfathers

Once upon a time there was a man (me)
And the man said “I don’t do tribute bands”
But what the heck
What do I know
That seems to have been
A very long time ago!

The 3rd of January 2014
The first gig of the new year
And there we were
Mustering in the Nightingale in Hitchin
Although sadly without Kevin
Who had of course
Only just returned from the frozen north
But it was still the Fellowship’s New years drink
Before going off to Club-85
The question was, would Roger, a Club-85 ‘virgin’ survive?

So there was Chris and Peter and Peter’s friend Steve
There was Roger and Robin and would you believe
The rock loving contingent of the Nightingale
Therein hangs another tale
Yet another round of Colley’s Dog from Tring
Before the Fellowship set off to rock out & sing

It was good to see so many people at the Club
Alex Wooldridge-Smith & Leon & Amelia, were there
Marcus and Sarah, Mark Astronaut with the hair
Matt ‘Red’ Turner on the sound
Bob Mardon & the crew
And a very special surprise for me, Stu (Stuart O’Connor)
The Progfathers rocked us all
With a fine selection of songs from so many classic bands
Played impressively well, capturing those elusive progressive sounds
What a splendid way to kick off 2014
But I don’t ‘do’ tribute bands, if you know what I mean!

Grant Meaby

Peter, Steve, Chris & Alex

Front, Robin & Roger

Progfathers (& Mother)

Being gentle with the giant

Playing my song
So that's the Fellowship off to a flying start in 2014, hope to see you all again soon, but before i go, here's a link to Club-85 so you can see some of the gigs coming up this year, hopefully I'll see you there some time.

All rights reserved G. Meaby 2014

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