Sunday, 9 February 2014


Another night out with The Fellowship
Well, I guess it was about time to start this year’s supporting the local music scene, after the excitement of the Skegness Great British Rock and Blues Festival it had been a quiet couple of weeks live music wise and so it was time to get out there and get some live music in our ears.

Kevin was still on R & R after his operation so this night it was just myself, Peter and Chris out on the town, as usual we had an early kick off in the Nightingale for some splendid beers before heading off to Club-85, North Hertfordshire’s Premier Live Music Venue.

The promoters do a fantastic job but if it wasn't for ‘Our Bob’ none of this would be possible.

Bob Mardon

First on stage were relatively new Rock covers band (at the moment) Adamantium, young, fresh and Hitchin based these guys really rocked with some excellent musicianship, different covers and all respect to the drummer in his onesie!

Adamantium in full flow

Chris and Peter discuss the merits of live music and real ale
It was really good to see the next band, Fishwife’s Broadside, a ‘Mature’ Folk/Punk crossover outfit, loads going on, nicely political in places and very very entertaining, if you like Blyth Power / POG etc. you’d really like this band as I do & did!

Fishwife's Broadside (There's quite a few of them!)

OK, now it was time to crank up the rock, some excellent hard rock / metal with a proggy edge (At times thanks to the great synth keys) from Shadowstrike, these boys know how to rock and delivered an excellent set, I’d be quite happy to go and see them again anytime.

Shadowstrike rocking the place
So, for this nights very eclectic line up, the headliners, Hooligan Drum Circle, or Jesus Hooligan as they are otherwise known, this is totally percussion based tribal punk where the band join the audience and the audience become the band, smashing merry hell out of plastic oil drums, metal canisters, etc. with sticks, pipes, chair legs in fact anything that comes to hand and boy oh boy does it work!
When you’ve been to, and joined in, a session with Jesus Hooligan you KNOW you’ve been to a gig and trust me, you feel it too!
Utterly brilliant.

Setting up

Get ready

All together now

The massed pipes on drums of the Hooligan Drum Circle

Hooligans the lot of us

The question was
Do we hold with or do we break tradition?
That was the decision
Here comes the supernatural anaesthetist
Except he’s not supernatural
He’s the landlord of The Nightingale
And the anaesthetic he proffers
Is the finest of real ales
Colley’s Dog from Tring
Tradition wins
Now the lads can sing!

Kevin was still convalescing 
But Peter, Chris and Grant were out drinking
Hey ho here we go
To Club-85 and a real eclectic evening
Rock, Folk Punk, Metal and Rhythm reeling
It was Jesus Hooligan’s Drum Circle night
What a fabulous time, we joined in all right
Good music, great fun and Fellowship
Bashing oil drums with pipes and sticks
And the odd few Jack Daniels
To help us on our way
Splendid, splendid, splendid is all that I can say!

Grant Meaby

What’s next, who knows, so much to choose from, it will probably be ‘local;’ again next time as it’s a while until we track off to London or further afield, so, until that next time, keep rocking.

Feb 2014

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