Saturday, 1 March 2014

About Time Mr. M. Get your Bones Moving!

"It's about time Mr. M" I told myself, "To get out there and get your bones moving".
It seemed like weeks since I went out to a gig, any gig, in fact the last one was the previously blogged Jesus Hooligan gig and the 28th February saw me once again heading into Hitchin to Club-85 for another evening of extremely varied music and of course, the main reason for going apart from to escape from what has been for me personally a couple of horrible weeks was in fact that a certain Mr. Stuart O'Connor was playing one of his long awaited local gigs.

Tonight was another four act event showcasing the diversity of the local music scene, and, for a change, as I was out on my own (They do let me out unsupervised sometimes) this was not a Fellowship outing, so, here follows one of my rare, and fairly straightforward, reviews!

First up  up were young Stevenage Punksters Young Minorities, they actually draw their musical influences from the very diverse tastes of each member of the band yet still manage to create that lovely raw punk feel that had me reeling back to the 70's, only a couple of covers and mainly their self penned material was played, for me "Caffeine Girl" was the stand out song, all in all a good opening to the evening.

Young Minorities open the evening

Next on were a band who are making quite a name for themselves, not just locally (Actually they are from Essex) but in the various rock / metal / Alt magazines, Trash Monroe, female fronted, excellent rock, it's hard to pigeon hole them or pin them down to a specific genre and that's the way they like it so I'm told, all I can say is that it's the way I like it too, this band are well worth dragging your own bones out to see should you have the chance.

Trash Monroe

Trash Monroe

Trash Monroe

So, two good bands, very different, so far so good but it was just about to get better, incredibly better, in fact, as I said at the start of this blog, the whole reason for my being here this night, was the fact that the next act to grace the hallowed boards of 85 was the amazing Stuart O'Connor.

Now for those rare mortals who may never have heard of Stuart or have never heard him play, he is a singer songwriter of talent, an accomplished guitar player and, like Matt Stevens, an exponent of looping to great effect. Stuart not only performs in his own right as a solo artist but also with his 'big' band and of course as one third of the very popular rock band, My Pet Junkie.

Tonight is was just Stuart, his guitar and effects and boy oh boy was it good, I was literally in tears at the end of his set, tears of joy, moved by his music and at the sheer wonderment of what I had just witnessed (OK, I was a bit drunk too but you know what I mean).

Stuart reaches out to one of his little magic boxes

Amazing songs from Stuart O'Connor

It was the sheer intensity of some of the songs that got me

Intensity, as you can see

There wasn't any way that anyone or any band could, for me this night, top what Stuart had delivered, however, the last act of the evening, Alt Rockers Tubries did a splendid job of rounding off the evening in some style with their catchy well crafted songs and there was a stage invasion at the end by many of their friends which may be a stage managers / sound engineers nightmare but it's always good to see none the less, it sort of brings things to a natural close.

Tubries in action

I say, what a lot of people on stage!
And that my dear friends is just about it, but before I go, here are a few links you may like to explore:-

Cheers my dears, until the next time :)

Grant Meaby March 1st 2014

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