Saturday, 29 March 2014

HRH PROG2 Part-2 (Or 6 go mad at Hafan-y-Mor)

2 blogs in one day, that's a bit much isn't it? Well. quite frankly no, not until the usual unusual has been done!

The trip to Hard Rock Hell Prog-2 at Hafan-y-Mor was most definitely a Fellowship of the Stick event, including our Mascot and mighty leader, Fender, there were seven of us and all Corona's as well!

When we go off to any festival or event, it's never just about the music, it's about friendships and having fun, the journeys there and back often turn into epic adventures.


Miles upon miles of tedious motorways
Eventually gave way
To far more scenic vistas
As we detoured ‘off route’
In search of dinner
But the pub we sought so hard to find
Didn’t open until five
Despite what the Good beer Guide might say!

But the landlord pointed us in another way
He directed us to another local pub
With fine real ales and delicious grub
Right at the end of a long, long lane
On the banks of the river Dee
What a treat lay in store
For Kevin, Chris and me

We could not believe our eyes
At the size of the steak and ale pies!
Complete with chunk chips and peas
Served up by lovely northern lasses
Eager to please
Even though (As it so prevails)
We had crossed the border into Wales

Outside a bride and groom
Escaping from the party room
Posed for pictures in the rain
All too soon we were on the road again
But at least there was no more motorway
For now the roads were A
Up, up, up, over the hills
Winding our way through the clouds
Until the rivers ran the other way
The right way as far as we could see
And like us they were heading towards the sea!

Off to Hafan-y-Mor
And a rendezvous with Tim and Jo
Hey ho, hey ho, off to HRH Prog we go

Thursday Night
The caravan well and truly christened with our presence
All unpacked, snacked and pre-gig drinks
It was off up the hill to prog the night away
With Sankara, Jump, Synaesthesia and Credo all set to play
The down to the other venue to rock out with La Paz & Spin
And back for Bacon and egg sarnies at 2 AM
But we had met ‘Fragrant Karina’ & her mum and her ‘Fairies of the night’
What a start, it smelt like fun, oh yes we were alright!

After a good but chilly night’s sleep
And an early morning stroll to the sea (For me)
Chris was on ‘Full English Breakfast’ duty
Cooking up a feast for Kevin, Tim, Jo, himself and me
Before we set off to Starbucks for coffee and to wait for Peter
Who had rung to say that he was on his way
The Custodian were OK
That they’d only just formed, they didn’t need to say
We warmed to the crazy tight instrumental rock of the Physics House band
And we just couldn’t miss those lovely lads, Luna Kiss
Peter duly arrived, having survived his drive
I missed Shattered Skies, taking a snooze break
While the others went off to see Graine Duffy and Lucy Zirins
But I was back for Chimp Spanner and The Pineapple Thief
We were all back together by the, what a relief
Focus rocked and bored us in equal amounts
But The Flower Kings were of course what counts
And after the excesses of Thursday
Our day two came to a close, ah, welcome sleep, peacefully!

Another good night’s sleep and no hangover to get over
A woodland walk to the sea while Chris did his breakfast thingy
Then Kevin, Tim and Jo, went off to the hills you know
Looking for sheep to worry and mountain views
While Peter, Chris and I chilled out to Genesis, Yes, Led Zep’ and IQ
And we 2nd breakfasted unlike Hobbits, not food but booze
By the time the others came back we were somewhat ‘relaxed’

2nd breakfast!

Today, Fender came out to play
September Code from Greece were good
Deepexus did not appear which meant Crimson Sky played a longer set
Then Purson and Panic Room and by far the best yet, Hawklords
We missed Arcane Roots for Jo tempted us away with food
Jacket potatoes and curry and we were in no particular hurry
To catch The Enid
Headlining was Fish, the ‘Big Man’ from Scotland
He held the audience in the palm of his hand
What a performance, what a show
Kevin and I stayed on for Solstice
I’m so glad we did, sublime ethereal rock
What a way to end a perfect day.

Breakfasted and packed we had to leave
A time of sad but fond farewells
Anyway, we’ve booked up for next year
And the day was by no means done, what fun!
Stopping off in Shrewsbury
For a lunchtime meal with Kerry
Stopping off at Bedford Danny’s Bar
To catch the best band of the weekend by far
Roadhouse and ‘our’ Mandie
And Keith and Sally and the gang
Now that’s what I call a journey home!

Our good friend Mandie G of Roadhouse

Now it is a well known fact that we now have the perfect excuse for anything, no matter how bizarre, it's easy, Fender MADE me do it!


“Come on try that funny drink
There’s really nothing to it”
I did and I promptly fell asleep
But Fender made me do it!

“You can wear outrageous clothes
And to the world say, Screw it”
I did and they all laughed at me
But Fender made me do it!

“You can dance like the best of them
Come on, come on jump to it”
I did and I looked like a total prat
But Fender made me do it!

“Go out in a kilt I dare you
And let the wind rush through it”
I did, it did, and what a sight
But Fender made me do it!

“Go on just have another pint
You’ll easily get through it”
I did and I was so awfully drunk
But Fender made me do it!

“Go and chat to those blokes over there”
I did but I think somehow I ‘blew’ it
Strange blokes with bears are too scary
But Fender made me do it!

Even the ducks said "Fender made me do it!"
“Go out drinking in a onesie
Even if you can’t undo it”
I was warm and moist for several days
But Fender made me do it!

“Lasses love interesting blokes with bears
See, I told you so, I knew it”
Now she’s latched on like she’s my long lost love
But Fender made me do it!

Of all the excuses in the world
There’s one with no possible counter to it
Anything is acceptable
If Fender made you do it!

Even Luna Kiss (The band) can say it!

Well, that's just about it, my earlier blog is all about the bands and music, but this was where the fun was and anyway, Fender made me do it.

All writing, poems, and some of the photographs are mine, hence copyright G. Meaby 2014 etc. etc. But the main photo credits go to Jo, Kev, Chris (Not seen Peter's yet!), what a weekend, what a festival, what a blast.
Cheers me dears, until next time.
Grant - March (Only just) 2014

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