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Gosh! Or some other less than wholesome expletive I hear you exclaim, "He's back again already", well I did say it wouldn't be long, after all the Saturday was only a couple of day's after the Thursday of my last blog!

So, what is this one all about, well I suppose the title says it all really, but this event was very special in so many ways:-

The Line Up
Not only was it MRC's 34th Anniversary, it was also Mo's birthday celebration and a goodly gathering of The Fellowship of the Stick and Roger Marsh's first time at Melbourn with us and the first time he had ever seen Four Wheel Drive, I ask you, what could be better than this?

Melbourn Rock Club in Cambridgeshire, strangely enough not that far from the village of Melbourn, is hosted by the Eternit Social Club which of course doubles for the Melbourn and surrounding areas Social Club and it’s far enough away from any neighbours that the music can be LOUD and that’s how we like our rock, nice and loud.

The club was celebrating its 34th Anniversary, it was also very close to the xxth  birthday of MRC stalwart and leader Maurice McComb, yes indeed, a very special night lay ahead, three bands on the bill, bar open from 4pm, access for camping / caravans / motor homes from 4pm, well, it made sense to get there early!

Camp Fellowship
For us this was a pretty well attended Fellowship of the Stick outing, albeit less Peter who had other commitments in London, well not the Commitments, he was off to see the Queen, well the Queen musical, ‘We will rock you’ while we enjoyed the ambiance of a festival like atmosphere as several others were also staying overnight.

Fender was there of course
One of the advantages of getting somewhere like this a bit early was of course we could get the camp site up and running in the daylight and this time, the dry! We could then relax with a few beers as the bands arrived and sound checked, in fact Four Wheel Drive (The headliners) sound check was like a mini gig in itself, after which the band relaxed and chilled out by playing football joined by our own soccer crazy Roger Marsh (I promised I wouldn’t mention the viscous tackle exacted upon Roger by a Daisy but as the same one also got Jamie (FWD Bass & Vocals) I’m sorry I just couldn’t resist) so I won’t mention the Harry Potter sleep suit though.

KGB Making lager
As late afternoon evolved and morphed into early evening it was obvious that Maurice’s avid Facebook campaign to advertise the event was working as more and more people arrived and it was good to see a lot of friends from MRC and CRF and of course the dynamic photo due of Keith & Sally Newhouse.

Sally sallies forth

First band on were ‘Dirty Little Rebels’, a power punk-metal trio who did an excellent job of not just kick starting the music for the evening but also setting a standard for any other ‘openers’ to emulate.

Dirty Little Rebel get us off to a rocking start
Next on the bill were the fairly well known ‘Unit 9’, even those who don’t usually enjoy hardcore / metalcore seemed to enjoy them which was good to see, they certainly turned things up a notch or two.

Unit 9 turn it up a notch
By now the place was pretty well packed, inside and out and it was time for the headline band, Four Wheel Drive to hit the stage, wow! Now here is a band I’ve seen before, met, and knew I liked, their brand of hard twin guitar led rock gets you partying, dancing, drinking, in fact ‘Getting Hammered Again’ the title track from their current EP.

Four Wheel Drive, Rock at its finest
Four Wheel Drive placed a simply flawless set, excellent to the extreme, OK so I’m somewhat biased but that was the reaction also from several people that I spoke to who had never seen or heard them before.
Finishing up with a Zepplin cover and a short AC/DC encore the boys had to pack up and rush off to Luton Airport  for an early morning flight to Geneva and on to play an end of season Apre Ski party in the French Alps on Sunday afternoon!

If you've got hair, flaunt it!

Four Wheel Drive have an up and coming gig in London at The Borderline on 24th May supported by Bad Touch (Another excellent young band)and Black Whiskey, go and see them it will be worthwhile.

Four Wheel Drives Us To Another Adventure

Roger came down from Peterborough
Riding on the afternoon train
I came up from Stevenage
It was adventure time again

Chris picked us up from Arlesey
And then we were Langford bound
To meet up with Paul and Kevin 
To set up our camping ground 

We were off to MRC in Melbourn
Yes we were back again
Some in ‘Kaz De Kamper’
Others in Fender’s Den

Mo opened the bar nice and early
Other campers soon arrived there too
We watched the bands as they sound checked
It was a splendid thing to do

Roger played a game of football
With the guys from Four Wheel Drive
Despite being crocked by a vicious daisy
He made it out alive

Our sleeping quarters were all sorted
Snug and cosy but could have been a little hotter
But at least Roger was sorted for the night
To sleep in his ‘Harry Potter’

Lots of friends arrived like Keith and Sally
Jeff Gilbert and Dave Roberts turned up as well
We made a lot of new acquaintances and friends
Great fun was had and photographed but of some I cannot tell

Dirty Little Rebel gave us some metal punk
To start the evening with some aplomb
Then Unit 9 hit the stage
Like a hardcore sonic bomb

We had burgers from the Barbeque
We had beers and beers galore
(Except for Roger who doesn’t drink)
But he’s still so hardcore

Four Wheel Drive played their hearts out
The best I’ve seen them yet
And the fellowship dancing was magnificent
A night we’ll not forget

There was the ‘Merry Widow’
A sad tale, poor lass indeed
But we made her night a good one
In her hour of need

The biking gamers who insisted
That they were just good friends
Who were they trying to kid
Love will out in the end

Although we stayed until the closing hour
We didn’t overdo it so much this time
Just a few shorts after the beers
And that was surely fine

A good night’s sleep saw us restored
And a nice dry mild morning was there to great us
Toz cooked us all a great breakfast
With the minimum of fuss

All too soon the time had come
For us to say goodbye, so-long, farewell
We headed home happy and content
As I guess you all can tell

So until the next adventure
Whenever that may be
It’s farewell from the Fellowship
And of course from me.

The FotS Breakfast Club

Grant Meaby

Well. that's about all for now, it might be a while until the next time but somehow i doubt it, until then, keep rocking. GM 2014

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