Monday, 28 April 2014

RED METAL - A Great night of metal at the Red Lion

So there we were, another top class local gig at the Red Lion in Stevenage Old Town, this time it was metal all the way so ably kicked off by relative newcomers to the local scene, ‘Outright Resistance’, it was fairly obvious that these guys have worked hard to rehearse and develop their sound, in places somewhat reminiscent of Machine Head which, in my book is no bad thing.

Outright Resistance

A welcome discovery that was obviously not known in advance by several of the punters was that this gig happened during the Red Lion’s Beer festival and although not a huge event there were a number of really good ales to try including a fabulous dark mild which I really should have taken note of its details but after three could really care much about anything other than the music and the number of old friends there!

Next up were Cambridge / North Herts combo ‘Alone With Wolves’, who are now a very different band from when I saw them a couple of years ago, now with a new singer and with the brutal drumming of James Noble (Who again managed to destroy a snare) this was something quite special, despite the band not being 100% happy with their performance I can assure you that from a punters perspective they turned in an excellent set.

Alone With Wolves

Talking of punters, it was great to see so many members of other bands there as fans supporting local music, not just from the NH metal scene but from the general North Herts music community, not just other band members but a good smattering of promoters and producers too + a lot of the old Club-85 crowd from the early days.

Headlining were the amazing ‘Arms and the Man’ they showed us just what melodic Metal-Core is all about and so obviously had great fun in doing so, that’s the thing about this band, they always entertain and while they may not always take themselves seriously they certainly take the music seriously, tonight they put on a brilliant show and hopefully won a few more fans along the way.

Arms and the Man

Thanks must go to Andy of SoundArc for all his constant hard work putting these shows together and to ‘The Red’ for continuing to provide such a space for live music + having the tasty little beer festival on as well.

All in all a damn fine night.

Red Lion 24 04 14

A night of hair and beards and beers
Chris and I being metalled to the core
Three bands for free and what’s more
An unexpected delight
A beer festival for the night
Dangerous delights

Outright Resistance
Alone With Wolves
Arms and the Man
Rocking ‘The Red’
Like only North Herts metal can
James smashing a snare drum
Tom predicted it would be so
I nearly had my eye’s ‘boobed out’
What a way to go!

How many bands were there as punters?
As well as producers and promoters?
And many from the old Club-85 metal crowd
All down the Red for music nice and loud
And Arms and the Man, as always, just had fun
While showing everybody
How melodic hardcore should be done.

Grant Meaby

Until the next time, which may in fact not be that long, cheers m'dears, stay sane.

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