Sunday, 25 May 2014

2014 BC

2014 BC, that was a long time ago wasn't it?  Well no not really, this is 2014 and the BC in this case stands for, Before Celebr8.3.

2014 has already been a somewhat remarkable year gig wise for myself and many of my friends not to mention (But I will anyway) the Fellowship of the Stick.

January kicked off in style with The Progfathers at Club-85 in Hitchin:

This was swiftly followed at the end of the month by The Great British Rock and Blues Festival in Skegness:

Only a couple of gigs in February but not exactly quiet, first we went off to see the amazing 'Jesus Hooligan Drum Circle' at Club-85.

Later in the month an amazing show which also saw the return of the wonderful Stuart O'Connor:

March saw us travelling far afield to the North Welsh coast for HRH Prog (& HRH A.O.R. & HRH Blues):

Swiftly followed by a visit to Esquires, Danny's Bar, in Bedford to see our friends, Roadhouse:

April's gigging should have kicked off with Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman supported by Simon Godfrey in Southampton but as central Southampton decided to burn down we never did get the chance, however, there was always the Newmarket Beer Festival in association with the Cambridge Rock Festival with lots of great music including Soulweaver:

Soulweaver in action

The local music scene was hotting up too, a great night down the local (The Red Lion) with a great metal night headed by the incredible Arms and the Man:

Ben of Arms and the Man

Then of course there was always a trip over to the Melbourn Rock Club to see Four Wheel Drive:

This 'over-nighter' was somewhat special in many ways, it also led to the 'birth' of the phenomena that is, Metal Sausage!

My my, how quickly time passes, we seem to be into the next month already:

May kicked off in style with the IQ album launch (Road of Bones) in Islington and they were of course supported by the incredible, Matt Stevens:

Time for a couple of local gigs at Club-85 before the 'Big weekend', firstly it was CC Smugglers making a very welcome and long awaited return 'Home':

CC Smugglers among the crowd

Followed by, the following week, the purely eccentric 'Chap Hop' of Professor Elemental:

Which takes us nicely up to what was, at the time of writing this, last weekend, the awesome Progfest that was, Trinity Live, this was a fund raising event for cancer charities and I can only echo the organisers thanks as in the poster below, it was awesome in so many ways and it looks like they are going to do it again next year!

So, that's the years so far, i.e. BC, next weekend is one of the biggest events in the Progressive Music Calendar, it's the third and final Celebr8 festival, Celebr8.3 and it all takes place in The Assembly Hall, Islington, London, the line up is amazing, so many thanks to The House of Progression (Which is of course Jon Patrick, aka Twang) and Geoff Banks, this is what's coming:

Suspect I'll see many of you there, have fun people.

GM 26/05/14

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