Saturday, 17 May 2014


Now I really have to admit that when it comes to the whole Steampunk thing I am a complete novice and 'Chap Hop' was a genre that had somehow passed me completely by, nor strangely, despite my own and my friends inherent lunacy are we into Larping (Live Action Role Playing), but, hey, you're never too old to discover new things!

One more we were off to Club-85 in Hitchin for what proved to be one of the most entertaining nights of the year so far, with the line up of Balstock Mastermind, G La Roche, the sweet madness that is Disco Zhivago and Steampunk 'Chap Hop' legend, Professor Elemental.

G La Roche in spiffing fettle

'G' was t his looping zany best and dedicated one of his songs to us (It's the Fellowship's Anthem but modesty prevents me from revealing its title!), there was the absolute zany madness of Disco Zhivago of whom I would say if The Beatles had been a punk band with gender issues even they would not have come close to the sweet madness that is, Disco Zhivago!

Disco Zhivago - Wonderful chaps the lot of them

Then it was time for Professor Elemental, he was brilliant, entertaining, funny, clever, he had us dancing, singing along, laughing until we ached, a mixture of extremely English rap, carefully crafted backing music, eccentric British humour and amazing stage presence, all in all, jolly top hole!

Professor Elemental has a horse you know
Oh Gosh!

Not another one of those “It started in the Nightingale” poems?
But it did!
OK, try this

Somewhere in Hitchin and I’ll not tell you where
It’s quite near the station and quite nice in there
If you are a fan of damn fine real ale
Then this place has plenty to choose from on sale
But the choice always falls towards a fine brew from Tring
Yes Colley’s Dog really is such a wonderful thing
And there we met and there we supped
Until we were as they say well into our cups

Tonight was a night of Steampunk ‘Chap Hop’
Where the fun is immediate and never quite stops
Pith helmets and goggles old suits and top hats
Creatures from Star Wars, ladies and chaps
Wizards and Witches and Goth Celtic warriors
The Fellowship and a few odd Victorian Explorers
It was totally spiffing, top hole, wonderful
To spend such quality time with normal people

The wonderfully eccentric G La Roche
Dedicated the Poop Chute song to us
We laughed we cheered and we all sang along
As he treated us to the Fellowship’s theme song
The sweet madness that is Disco Zhivago
Entertained the crowd and us don’t cha know
Before Club-85 erupted and everyone went mental
For Steampunk legend Professor Elemental
He had us in stitches we laughed and we danced
Not just entertained but completely entranced
All in all a great evening and a jolly good show
Oh gosh its it that time already, I really must go!

Grant Meaby

Peter & Chris with G before the show

I just love Charlie's suit

Dressed for the evening, splendid!
The Professor captivates the crowd
So, until we go off and do it again, have a lovely weekend.
Grant Meaby


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