Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Wow, another trip to London in time for a few beers, something nice to eat, catching up with old friends and making some new ones and then Matt Stevens and IQ in the evening, it had to be an eventful day, thankfully all good.

Now I know IQ are immensely popular and many many people had been waiting for the new album 'The Road of Bones' (myself included) but I also appreciate that IQ are one of those 'Marmite' bands, you either love them or you don't, I do and judging by the fact that the venue was sold out before and after the extra tickets had been sold, so do a lot of other people.

Add the above to the fact that the one and only Matt Stevens was supporting then you just know you are going to a gig that is somewhat special, but, before we get that far, what of the day as a whole? I'm sure that will indeed follow later.

Matt Steven's wows the crowd
By his own admission this was the biggest single crowd that Matt had played to before and boy oh boy what a show he put on, an excellent performance showcasing his mastery of  looping and his virtuoso guitar playing, I'm sure he won himself a lot of new fans and he certainly pleased his existing fans and friends.

IQ in full flow
IQ treated us to a goodly chunk of the new album along with some classics from Frequency and Subterranea etc. I'll leave it to the ardent music writers and critics to take notes and publish set lists etc. you know I don't do that sort of thing very often as I'm usually too relaxed by then!
As always a damn fine show complete with the projected images and (almost ) flawless delivery, if you are an IQ fan then this is everything this particular sort of prog should be, it was.


F.O.T.S. First class to London
It just had to be done
There was no room standing on the train
And we were out for fun

A short stroll in the sunshine
Down the road to the Euston Tap
Oh yes indeed my good friends
Chris and I were back

Chris at The Euston Tap
A couple of pints in the quietude of Euston
And with an Antipodean friend in tow
More fine ales to be sinking
Off to the Bree Louise we did go

Today would be a great day
We had more than just a hunch
Good company with our new found friend
Delicious pies and chips for lunch

A short tube ride up to Islington
To meet Kevin at the Famous Cock
With a Twang of the House of Progression
To IQ we were about to rock

Jon Patrick, Kev, Chris & Stacy share a Metal Sausage joke

A short excursion into Weatherspoons
For the evening meal experience
And of course for another tasty beer
It kind of all made sense

Our first time at the Assembly Rooms
The venue also for things to later come
Matt and IQ were fabulous
Prog the way it should be done

Kev & me, we queue for IQ
We bussed it down to Kings Cross
To catch the train back home
It’s such fun with The Fellowship
As you’re never out on your own

And so another great trip to London
Was completed without mishap
We didn’t even overdo it this time
We’re getting too old for that
(& if you believe that, ha ha ha ha ha ha ahhhhhhh)

Grant Meaby


And now for the serious bit, well another serious bit, at the end of this merry month of May, for all prog fans everywhere, a festival you'd be mad to miss, Celebr8.3.

The guys at the House of progression work very long and hard to put on events like this as well as the numerous gigs formerly at The Peel in Kingston and latterly in London at The Garage, The Borderline, The Islington Assembly Hall etc. Like anything else, if we all support these things and go along they will continue to happen, if not, well, I don't intend to end on a negative note so I'll just share one last image with you all, until the next time, Prog on.

M.S. Who won't be appearing at Celebr8.3!

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