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Well I suppose it had to happen, the fictional creation, the band Metal Sausage has become somewhat of a phenomena on a certain social media site and by now getting asked time and again at various gigs and festivals about The Fellowship of the Stick, The Corona's and of course Metal Sausage, it is time I feel that the truth is revealed.

So what's the connection?

Many things have been written previously about The Fellowship of the Stick, The Corona’s and the fictional band, Metal Sausage, many of these articles, write up’s, Blogs and Facebook entries have been either somewhat tongue in cheek (Not a reference to ‘rimming’), ‘spoof’, slanderous or just downright misleading, the time has come to put the record straight.

FotS - Our old logo

The Fellowship of the Stick, like many other groups of friends with a ‘corporate’ identity the Fellowship is just that, a close knit circle of friends many of whom have known each other for many years and who all share a love of live music, real ale, good food, festivals, gigs but above all friendship.
We are not strictly ‘organised’ or governed but we do have some basic ‘rules’ which are mainly to do with sharing, respect and having fun.

Collectively we are a private group of individuals with a limited number of members, all of whom are friends and we do have some rules on membership, the group is not an ‘open’ group and even associate members (Recruited only from among mutual friends) have to have attended a number of gigs, festivals, beer festivals etc. with us, and that means with us and not just having been there at the same time.

Our Mascot and Master - Fender Teddy
Fender Teddy, or Fender Bear as he is known can often be seen out and about with us, Fender is our official mascot and he is very precious to us all, not just because he’s a lovely soft cuddly teddy bear but because of what he represents and he also provides us with same amazing photo opportunities that would normally receive a slap round the chops if requested without said bear!
Fender's story is quite amazing too, strangely for a group associated with music he's not named after the guitar of that name, he was rescued from a fate of becoming a fender, i.e. those things that stop boats bumping into each other or the quayside when moored.

Whilst we do not have any sort of formal organising committee the original four members of The Fellowship are the only ones who constitute the inner sanctum known as The Bearium, even several members of the wider Fellowship group do not know who the Bearium are, sometimes even we have trouble remembering but that’s just age.

We do not discriminate against colour creed culture class religious or political views within the group, irrespective of our very diverse natures, backgrounds beliefs and views it is the Fellowship / friendship that is paramount.

5 of The FotS / Corona's with the lovely Roger, oh, he's one of us, er, with the lovely Rachel Cohen from The Reasoning
The Corona’s, not all the members of the Fellowship are ‘Corona’s’, the original Corona’s just sort of happened when Kevin brought us back the shirts as a present from his family holiday in Mexico as they were cheaper than sending us postcards and then we all decided to wear our shirts at the first Celebr8 Festival and it’s become a sort of trademark ever since. Subsequently other members of the Fellowship have bought their own Corona shirts or had Corona shirts / dresses bestowed upon them.
It is fair to say that if you spot two or more people in Corona shirts at a festival or gig and they also happen to be sporting a T shirt with the Fellowship Logo or Fender Bear then it will be one of us.

There were even more of us at HRH Prog in Wales
Metal Sausage, oh gosh, the runaway phenomena that is Metal Sausage, to cut a long story very short, one of our members, the lovely Mr Roger Marsh, sings in bands, the old band he was in split up, along with some ‘surviving’ members and other like minded musician friends a new band was formed and, at that point, they didn’t have a name and the whole thing happened somewhat coincident with a Fellowship trip to Melbourn Rock Club to see Four Wheel Drive. Roger, who very sensibly doesn’t ‘drink’  then somewhat foolishly asked those of us who do enjoy the odd barrel or two (After we were well into our cups) could we think of a name for the new band and, with much mirth and hilarity, ‘Metal Sausage’ was born.

Could this really exist one day?
For a short while Metal Sausage was just a Fellowship ‘in’ joke, until I wrote a spoof article about the band and then posted it on Facebook, not only did this get shared around well outside my own circle of friends but Roger and I started getting serious enquiries about the band, even fans! A music journalist friend also said they were halfway through reading the article before they realised it was a ‘spoof’ and so, due to popular demand, the Metal Sausage Facebook page was created, we now have more ‘Likes’ and followers than many real hard working bands bless them, it really is a mad mad world sometimes.

Many people seem to be clambering for Metal Sausage T shirts and other merchandise, let me put the record straight, there isn’t any official Metal Sausage mechandise, it’s fiction, there are indeed a few Metal Sausage T shirts but they were only designed and made for a very strictly limited number of the Fellowship who were ‘in’ on the original joke.

A Metal Sausage fan heavily disguised to obscure his real identity
I have suggested that if people want Metal Sausage T shirts that they feel free to copy any of the images on the Facebook page and go create one of their own, we really really really don’t mind.

Somewhat unbelievably there now also seems to be growing interest among some serious musicians (With a sense of humour I hasten to add) to actually form Metal Sausage for a one off charity gig or event, maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t, one thing’s for sure, now the monster is awake it shows no sign of going to sleep just yet!

But anyway, what the heck, we're off to Celebr8.3 at the weekend, see some of you there no doubt.

Grant Meaby 

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