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For those of us who went to Trinity Live, the bands, artists, fans, supporters, volunteers, organisers and all the crew and the staff at the Assembly Hall, the first thing I want to say is a heartfelt thank you, it was an amazing experience, so very special in so many ways it's difficult to express them all.

For those of you who knew all about it and couldn't go, I hope this will give you a flavour of what it was like, but of course, for those who are still with me but completely baffled, here follows a brief precis of what it was all about.

A fair while back it was planned that three of the country's finest female fronted progressive bands, Magenta, The Reasoning and Touchstone would do a massive UK tour under the banner, 'Trinity', then Christina, the lead singer of Magenta was diagnosed with breast cancer, the tour was cancelled and her brave personal battle began and then someone had the bright idea of putting together a one off gig featuring Touchstone and The Reasoning and anyone else who could play to raise money for cancer and related charities and so 'Trinity Live' was born and like the best ideas, it grew and grew into effectively a one day festival of all that is good about this particular music scene.

As the event itself got closer we had the wonderful news that not only were Magenta going to play but also that Christina had made enough of a recovery it would be a full band set and good grief, the overall line up, wow!

This was one that so many of the prog family came along to, there were people there who we see regularly at Celebr8, Skegness Rock & Blues, Cambridge Rock Festival, London gigs, especially House of Progression gigs, it was a right royal get together, there was a  mega raffle with amazing prizes, a seemingly endless auction that must have raised ridiculously good amounts and just fun all the way.

If you want to read serious reviews and track by track listings now is the time to leave and find one of those sites but you lot probably know where I'm heading by now anyway, so if you're still with me, respect to you.
I missed Heather Findlay, I was out having lunch and a lovely long chat with Matt Stevens at the time and, despite being the 'talk of the town' Metal Sausage did not play this day.

Alan Reed and Mark Spencer opened the show

Alan and Mark were joined by Kim Seviour for 'Love Song'

His awesomeness Matt Stevens

Magenta wowed the crowd

Alan joins Magenta for Don't Give Up

Lost in Vegas a bit heavy for some people but I liked them

The Reasoning put on a fantastic performance

Touchstone were on fire

Good grief is that John Mitchell smiling?

The mighty Arena topped the bill

Arena were amazing
Of course The fellowship of the Stick were there en force as they say, complete (Some of us anyway) with the now infamous and difficult to see Corona Shirts! It was a day that will be remembered for a long long time to come:-

Kevin said that I couldn’t write a poem about Trinity Live
Because nothing happened………………………………

Peter and I cruised along the roads and motorway
On what was to be a very special, special day
While Kevin, Chris and Roger were stuck on the A14
Peter and I arrived fresh and unstressed in Leamington
Although we had to battle with the one way system
We soon fell into a sort of repeating rhythm
Left, left and left again
Round and round and round oh the pain!

We found the venue somewhat early I must say
And a lone Matt Stevens waiting to set up to play
We stopped for a chat then set off for the car park
Round and round and round again, what a lark
But find it we did and the hotel too
We paid to book in early like you have to do
And Kevin and Chris and Roger at last arrived
The journey too they had also just about survived
We were all there and ready for Trinity Live!

It was all done in support of three cancer charities
We’d gone for the top option yes we were VIPs
It meant we had our own bar and a comfy space to rest
Meeting some of the bands and artists that was by far the best
But is there anyone who doesn’t know Roger Marsh
To call him a ‘Rock Tart’ is somewhat harsh
But what the heck, he’s called me worse before!
Several conversations, even with some of the stars of the show
Revolved around a band that some of you may know
Even though they were not appearing at Trinity Live that day
Nor anywhere else this year I’m sure it’s safe to say
Who could that be? Of course it is
The one and only Metal Sausage!

All the bands were great, all put their hearts into it and it showed
The auction was when some of the serious money flowed
There were trips out for takeaways and Weatherspoons
Time to chill out with friends and appreciate some serious tunes
Time to meet new people and share our love of all ‘Prog’ things
Time to laugh, time to talk, oh the sheer joy it brings
It really felt like we were one big family, yesterday and today

When it was all over and we’d said goodbye, no one was in a hurry
The Fellowship went off for a late night curry
Just like us it was hot and spicy
And some things we did see
On the way back to the hotel
I’d rather not tell
And Kevin said. “You can’t write a poem ‘cos nothing happened”
Maybe it’s best it didn’t, Kevin, maybe it’s best it didn’t.

Grant Meaby


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