Monday, 2 June 2014

CELEBR8.3 - The Fellowship Celebrate Celebr8

Well, what a weekend, first and foremost I want, on behalf of all the supporters, fans, loyal disciples, casual punters, myself and my friends, to say a huge public THANK YOU to Jon Patrick (Twang) and the crew (They know who they are) for what was an Immense weekend of the finest Progressive Music in London, secondly thanks go to the bands for putting on great performances and lastly but by no means least, to the Fellowship, my friends, friends of the Fellowship and everyone who had a laugh at the whole 'Metal Sausage' thing, we salute you.

So, as usual, if you wish to read a blow by blow critical account of what each band played and how well they played it, you know you are in the wrong place, if you are one of my exceptionally valued regular readers you'll know what to expect, if this is your first time here, you are very welcome, ah, how to proceed, perhaps something like this:-

The Fellowship Celebrate Celebr8.3

It’s all to do with the people
The fans and all the friends
That make up Prog’s community
Where the fun just never ends

On the very last day of May
And the very 1st one of June
We headed off to Islington
We’d be Celebr8’ing soon

Train on time from Stevenage
Hotel in Farringdon
We set off by bus to Weatherspoons
For lunch and ales and fun

Then off to the Islington Assembly Hall
In time to catch Twelfth Night
They were quite amazing
Thumper Monkey were all right

Karmakanic stole the afternoon for me
But that was before we saw Kim and John 
Playing acoustically in the Vineyard
Many songs we could sing along

Anathema opened up the evening
As a three piece acoustic set
Rather pleasant on the ears
But the best wasn’t on just yet

The Tangent headlined Saturday night
I’m so glad they did oh boy!
With Theo Travis on sax and flute
That filled me full of joy

What fun we had on Saturday
So many friends too many to name
Everyone added to the atmosphere
We’re just so glad they came

A bus ride back to Farringdon
A night-cap in the bar
Kevin losing his Twelfth Night CD
Was the saddest thing by far!

Awake refreshed on Sunday
A new day and a brand new month
Kevin’s luck would change today we said
We all shared a sort of hunch

It was back off up to Islington
For Breakfast in Weatherspoons
Before a healthy walk round the meadows
And then off to catch more tunes

We stopped off in a lovely pub
Well the hour of twelve has passed
Tucked away down a little backstreet
Days like this should forever last

The time had come for day two
Of Celebr8.3 to start
With Galahad opening up today
They brought a warming to my heart

Sanguine Hum were OK as it happens
Their music was just fine
But a bit more stage presence would help
I’m sure that’ll come in time

Now the burning question was of course
Would Cosmograf work done live?
Good grief it was the set of the festival
And it was still only half past five!

We had Matt and Andy in the Vineyard
Improvising in so fine a way
This is part of what it’s all about
What more can I say?

We were back for The Fierce and the Dead
Instrumental rock with Matt on guitar again
And with Frost* headlining the show tonight
The whole weekend was just insane

So here’s to Jon Patrick and the crew
Who made the whole thing come alive
With people like that to rely upon
You know Prog’ will survive!

And finally here’s to all our friends
We love you all 
And that’s all there is to it.

Grant Meaby

And here are some of the photographs I took throughout the weekend, in no particular order except strictly sequential!

Twelfth Night
Thumper Monkey
Kim and John
Fellowship Breakfast
We love trees
Sanguine Hum
Matt and Andy (Somewhere behind Chris's head!)
The Fierce and the Dead
The man who made it all happen, Jon Patrick
What will be next? Almost certainly will be something 'local' for a few weeks until the summer Festival season kicks off, maybe a gig or two in London, who knows, see you soon you lovely people.

Words and photos above Copyright Grant Meaby 2014 All rights reserved.

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