Saturday, 7 June 2014

It's not all Doom - Metal Night 06/06/14

So there I was, sitting in the beer garden of the Nightigale and there’s this ex-forces guy in a wheelchair with an artificial leg, well you know what I mean, he had an artificial leg not the wheelchair and it was Friday and it was the 70th anniversary of the D day landings, what’s more, for once I actually avoided the Colley’s Dog and went for the Wolf Brewery Sirius the Dog Star which was incidentally delicious, when this popped along into my head:-

Remember Them

Johnny was doing fine
Until he stepped on the landmine
Now they push him round in a chair
But alas, Johnny’s not there
Johnny’s not there

Billy took a bullet to the brain
He’s not the same
He’s not the same

Dave came home unscathed
At least he appeared that way
But his scars, no one can see
No one can see

Mike’s not coming home
Out there alone
In an unmarked grave
All on his own

Remember them
They fought for Queen and Country
Remember them
They fought for liberty
Remember them
They fought for you and me
Remember them.

Sobering thoughts but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from migrating towards the Colley’s Dog and waving sobriety goodbye as Chris appeared clutching one said pint in his hands!

The Nightingale, our usual meeting place before heading off down to Club-85, this time it was for Metal Night with acclaimed local lads ‘Latitudes’ topping the bill, a night of dark metal, doom metal and the finest instrumental metal, bring it on.

Nice to see such a good crowd but then again the North Herts metal Scene is pretty strong with many stalwart supporters, tonight it seemed was exception coupled with the appearance (At last) of Graven Image and the return of local boys made good, Latitudes, for their 1st local gig in what seems like and may well have been, years.

First on were DARK ASPHYXIA, young melodic death metallers from North Herts
To be fair they didn’t have a great time, good potential though, this was after all only their third gig and everyone has to start somewhere, a bit more practise and work on the stagecraft and rhythm section and I’m sure they’ll do just fine.
Next up were a band that many people had been waiting for, THE GRAVEN SIGN (live debut), this was the first chance anyone had had to see this band, so long in the coming, slick, professional, melodic, influences abound but they have a unique sound that really appeals, vocals reminded me a bit of Danni Filth and musically snatches of Shells, all in all a pretty damn good 1st outing.
Next up were SHOULDER OF ORION, Cambridge based purveyors of progressive black metal.
Where had everyone gone? They deserved a better crowd but after Graven Image and with it being such a fine evening I think there were more people outside the club than in at this stage, shame, all those who missed Shoulder of Orion missed a treat, some really great melodic tunes at times almost hitting off some heavy blues riffs and it was nice to meet the guys afterwards and many thanks for the EP’s ‘Winterstar’ and ‘Lunarborn’ which I can highly recommend.
Finally the time had come, it was the turn of Latitudes to show us what they are up to these days having won a lot of  Critical acclaim and who've been in the studio with Chris Fielding (Napalm Death, Electric Wizard).

I was very pleased to see and not to hear any vocals, they’ were back to doing what the do best, instrumental metal of the finest kind, building dark sound-scapes and tearing them down round your ears, an absolutely storming set and all in all a damn fine evening.
And there you have it, all in all a pretty damn splendid time was had by most, until we do it all again, keep rocking.

Grant Meaby 07/06/14

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