Wednesday, 11 June 2014


I don't often mention or cover Cover Bands here upon this strange old Blog but every now and then one comes across a band that is a little bit different, a little bit special, a little bit gosh!

Well, Sunday 8th June, at Danny's Bar in Esquire's in Bedford it was 'Our' Sally's annual Bipperty Bopperty Birthday Party, let me explain a little more, Sally, aka Punkrocksal, music photographer extraordinaire, mega fit runner, little package of boundless energy that she is Sally is also one of the few lady female type members of The Fellowship.

Now, for Sally's party it is traditional that a certain band play, a cover band like no (or certainly few) others, The X-Certs and I'm pretty sure that anyone who has ever seen the X-Certs will agree, they certainly know how to play and how to party and there is very little they cannot and don't play in the way of genres, eras etc. In fact they are one of the best party bands around, I defy anyone to listen to a set by the X-Certs and not dance!

The X-Certs

It was obvious by the number of people who came to Sally's party that this wonderful lady has brightened so many lives and it was a joy to share in her birthday celebrations.

Hats were in abundance
So why 'Bipperty Bopperty' party and why the hats? Well those of you who know your music may remember a certain song by Mr. David Bowie, 'Queen Bitch' which has the line "In her bipperty bopperty hat" and that song my friends is not only one of sally's favorites but it has become her party theme and it's also one that the X-Certs play so very well, so, mad, silly, crazy hats have to be worn, exchanged, thrown around during that song, simple!

The lady herself

Sally had a Party

This year our Chris he wasn’t there
And missing too was Fender Bear
The former he was Scotland bound
The latter well he’d just been found
Returned after a case of bear-napping
Which happened again at flour-packing
But there were three of us anyway
Kevin, Peter and myself were on our way
To Esquires in Bedford to Danny’s Bar
In Kevin’s shiny new red car
To Sally’s annual birthday bash
In our Corona shirts and looking flash
With Bipperty Bopperty hat’s so fine
We’d all adhered to the party line
And the crowds they did gather there
To drink and dance without a care
The X-Certs played with flair and zest
With added singers and all the rest
And Sally danced the time away
How does she do it? We all did say
Tall blondes came and made us dance
Without Chris there we had a chance
But legs and backs and shoulders too
Complained and ached just as they do
The X-Certs played our Sally’s song
We danced with hats and sang along
And then the party was all but done
We’d had bipperty bopperty fun, fun, fun.

Grant Meaby - June 2014

Kev & Pete with sensible hats

So until the next one, keep dancing.
Grant Meaby, June 2014

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