Sunday, 29 June 2014


OK, so I'm not at Glastombury, for me it's just too big, too muddy and too expensive, undoubtedly some great acts and everything that goes along with the whole 'Festie thing' but never mind, this weekend is still full of music and some!

The Long Weekend of Music Part-1

Thursday 26/06/14

Crap Crab
We’d not seen Crap Crab since last September’s Balstock Festival, we were not alone! Talking to the band it transpires that they can’t remember playing a live gig since then either but have been in the studio and rehearsing heavily whilst developing some new material, it showed, they were on top form, more akin to The Fierce and the Dead than Minor Pilot they ripped through their set with more chord and timing changes than ever as they delivered a consummate set of heavy instrumental tunes that had the Red Lion bouncing along.
Black Noise are Laurence (Larry, or Lazza) Rene’s new project, formed initially as a duo playing their own brand of Dark-wave electronica but have since expanded into a full band.
Laurence is such a charismatic front man as many will remember from his days of ‘Shard’ and ‘My Passion’ but Black Noise are very different, heavier, darker but still very melodic.
I and several others I talked to before Black Noise took the stage wondered how the material developed as a two piece electronica would ‘translate’ to the full band format, especially as they are still in their embryonic form and this being only their 2nd live gig.

Black Noise
After the show when mentioning the same subject a certain expletive beginning with ‘F’ was often expressed! F……amazing, F……Brilliant etc. I’m sure you get the picture.
Many of us had the feeling that we had indeed been treated to something very special and I’m sure with his connections in the music business and with his fame as a DJ on the London Club Scene growing Laurence will take Black Noise ‘up there’ with the likes of Pendulum, Hounds etc. where they unreservedly belong.
Once again SoundArc Live Promotions managed to deliver two top bands, one excellent gig and all for free

There’s nothing crap about Crap Crab
Despite the name
The way they change beats and chords it’s insane
Instrumental rock
Played with aplomb
We bounced we jigged we danced along
And then Black Noise
Darkwave rock 
From these boys
With more than a touch of electronica
And showman Larry at the helm
Their sound had the ability
Your senses to overwhelm
What a night
What a splendid night alright!

The Long Weekend of Music Part-2 

Friday 27/06/14

Friday saw us off to Club-85 in Hitchin for another absolutely splendid gig, having missed their recent London shows and as I’m not going to Sonisphere this year I promised the Fort Hope guys that I would catch them locally at the first opportunity and here it was! I love the album, Courage and I’m proud to say I was one of the sponsors on the crowd funding project they launched to get it made, was it worth it? You bet your life it was and their live performance was quite honestly one of the best by any band I’ve seen for years.

They say the Phoenix rises from the flames
In this case it’s not only true
And it’s fair to say not one but two
Have risen from the ashes
0f what once was My Passion

Last night was Black Noise
Tonight it’s Fort Hope
But first we  really ought
To mention the support
Melon, a fresh young band
Who even took their mistakes in hand
After four attempts to start one song
Somehow each time it just went wrong
So they binned it and carried on
I know a lot of more experienced
And professional bands
Who’d let that sort of thing get out of hand
And they’d probably still be on stage
Arguing themselves into a rage!

Kumara came next with their loyal fans
Great funky rock for summer evenings
Who needs Glastonbury is all I can say
When we’ve got all this locally day after day


Fort Hope, what can I say
They took to the stage and blew us away
Playing songs from the ‘Courage’ album
Yes indeed, the Phoenix has risen.

Fort Hope
What a splendid 2 days so far, but this is only parts 1 & 2, parts 3 & 4 will no doubt follow once I have recovered from the Aghast Fest and that friends is a whole new story! So, until the next time, get out there and support live music, you know it makes sense. 

Grant Meaby

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