Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Ok, so this is short posting and for once nothing at all to do with music, it's about time I thought, I should 'return' to the esoteric, there may be more to come, there may even be a book or certainly a series of articles / blogs in future times but, there I was minding my own business when very strong memories returned, as they sometimes do, out of the blue!
I also thought I'd have a go at a non rhyming poem, so, here goes.

 Somewhere in Wiltshire:-

The Barrow
Children of the Barrow

We are the children of the barrow
Memories forged by experiences shared
We have glimpsed times past
Walked along sacred leys
Slept under the stars
Seen things others have not seen
For we are children of the barrow
And forever will be

Grant Meaby
July 2014

The Barrow Stone


  1. It's amazing how, throughout the years, a memory can come unbidden at any time or place. It is a place which will always be with me and, who knows, one day I might even fully understand all that happened there!
    Cheers for this Grant.

  2. My pleasure dear Bald, such memories indeed, life changing events, so glad it all happened, who needs to make any sense of it :) G