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OK, so a strange title perhaps for this blog, well you may think so but when I now reveal that it's all about three great bands, The Righteous Ones Of The Blazing Rockets, Tibetan Sky and Minor Pilot it may all make some kind of sense!

This was an evening of promise, of immense magnitude, instrumental post rock pioneers The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets opening the show, new(ish) London band Tibetan Sky in the middle with their blend of melodic rock and (Authentic) Tibetan singing and the (Mostly) instrumental Minor Pilot headlining and using a full surround-sound PA system + full visual display well, I ask you, what could be better?

The fact that this evening was also the largest gathering / outing of the Fellowship of the Stick for many weeks and of course preceded not only by a 'warm up' drink at The Nightingale but also a meet up with other friends who'd come to the gig, we were in for a great night.

So, everything has to start somewhere!

And so it begins

The story begins
Here as so often it does in a quintessentially
English pub

Night has not yet fallen
In this place as I wait for a
Gathering of friends
Here with a beer
The Fellowship will be well met
In Hitchin once again for a 
Night at Club-85 keeping
Great music
Long may it be so
Ever so may it be.

Grant Meaby

After a few cheeky pints and a meet up with fellow gig goers we sauntered down to the 'Chicken shop' for a nice evening meal of fried chicken and chips and then over to Club-85.

The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets
The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets
Pioneers of the post rock instrumental scene
A more than fitting opening act
If you know what I mean

Tibetan Sky
Tibetan Sky were a revelation
Melodic rock with Tibetan singing
A little loud at times
Set my ears a ringing
But the song the singer sang alone
With just his mandolin
Was so evocative so beautiful
With tears my eyes did brim

Minor Pilot
Minor Pilot took the stage by storm
With surround-sound in the room
They blew away all that had gone before
Displacing any sense of gloom
They raised the bar on this genre
No one else can now come near
This was epic beyond awesome
Bar none, THE gig of the year!

I am not joking or overstating just how good Minor Pilot were / are, they deserve to be on a far bigger stage playing to 100's of people, they really have taken the instrumental rock / post rock, psychedelic rock, call it what you like, it's great music, to another level, the first time I saw them I got the same feeling I did many Moons ago when I laid back somewhat relaxed and listened to Pink Floyd's Echoes for the first time and just let the music take me away on a journey, I still get that feeling every time I listen to Minor Pilot, especially when they are playing live, this night was no exception, well perhaps it was an exception in one respect, they were better than ever!

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And finally, I know the summer is getting really busy with Festivals and holidays and there are the inevitable clashes of dates / weekends etc. but I will be Co-Hosting Chris Ripple's Arcade Eclectic Stage at this year's Rhythms of the World Festival along with poetess extraordinaire Joy T Chance and I must say that Chris has done a damn fine job as usual of putting together a great line up, so Saturday and Sunday the 2nd & 3rd of August, that's where I'll be and maybe even a poem or two will be 'aired'.

Rhythms of the World

Cheers until the next time

July 2014

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