Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Well, if Thursday and Friday nights weren't enough, we still had two more to go!

The Long Weekend of Music Part-3 Saturday 28-06-14

Saturday was messy
Messier than the mud at Glastonbury
What a rush, literally
To meet Chris at five in the Nightingale
To sup a pint or three of real ale
Before venturing into very different territory
It was the Aghast Fest
With of course Aghast at the helm
And the rest?
Five hand picked bands
In support

For a night of metal mayhem
With fun and games
A la Aghast style
Raising more than just a smile
No one should have such fun
At a metal gig
But we did!

Saturday saw us heading in a completely different direction, music wise anyway, an early start (at the Nightingale, where else!) and back to Club-85 for the Aghast Fest, a mini festival of the finest Metal music around arranged and headlined by Aghast as their warm up for the Camden gig on the Sunday and their forthcoming Bloodstock appearance, it was also due to be the launch night for their album but due to a number of factors ‘Outside of the bands control’ that is now sadly somewhat delayed, never mind, it’ll give them another excuse to hold a CD launch gig later in the year!
So, six bands on the bill, the five ‘support’ acts all hand picked by Aghast and not a duff one among them!
The Projectionist opened the show and set a standard that should have been hard to follow, they were excellent, such tight timing from all four band members ensured a set of the highest quality, what an opener!
The Projectionist
Fiery metallic hardcore from Cambridge 

Next up were REPRISAL Fist-pumping death thrash from Surrey, talk about lessons in how to work a crowd! It's a shame they had to work so hard they certainly deserved batter but a combination of an early start, a break taken after The Projectionist and some young fans who couldn't keep quiet but anyway, Reprisal did themselves proud.

Next up it was the turn of local heroes, Kill Confirmed, melodic metal favourites from North Herts, lovely twin guitar work and good vocals, excellent band all round.

Kill Confirmed

Three down three to go! What a night so far and next to grace the hallowed boards of 85 were ABADDEN
Straight-up thrash metal from Dunstable.

Now it was time to get technical with Dãm for some Avant-garde blackened death metal from the London and DaM fine it was too.


What on earth could Aghast do to top that lot? Well, as usual, plenty, running through songs from the forthcoming album we had beach balls in the air, some crazy moshing and culminating in a mass game of blindfold pinata!

Really guys, it should be illegal to have this much fun a metal gig!

Blindfold Pinata!
And that was Saturday, phew, exhaustion was beginning to set in but there's still another day to go!

The Long Weekend of Music Part-4 Sunday 29/06/14

Sunday night came round all too soon
Maybe I’d been asleep most of the afternoon
But out again just had to be done
One more night of fun
Before the working week crept up again
So there we were
Stalwart Chris and I
Back down at the Red Lion
Blues at the Red on a Sunday night
And it was OK, more than alright
Because Sidewinder were playing
The best rocking blues this side of anywhere
We may have been tired but we didn't care
It was more than worthwhile to see
Sidewinder rock the Red on a Sunday

Blue text for the poem, Sunday night, it must be Blues at the Red and tonight, the mighty Sidewinder.

A Fat, Loud 'N' Dirty Banner
Seriously, Sidewinder are one of my favorite blues cover bands and now that they add a smattering of their own material it's even better, they are so good, this was a warm up gig for them before playing at the F1 Grand Prix Show at Silverstone next Saturday supporting Bernie Marsden, yes, they are THAT good.


And that dear friends was that, the long weekend of music, was it worth it, you bet it was, so long until the next time (By then I may have recovered!).
Grant Meaby July 2014

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