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Phew, what a rush this year has been, work has been hectic as has been family life in general and what with the recent spate of festivals and gigs it was time to take a well earned break and this year's holiday was in Filey on the east Yorkshire coast. As usual we tried to ensure that there was space for all the family and that everyone could get the required time off, unfortunately we were 'A man down' this year but everyone else including the new family puppy, Hugo was there.

The lower gardens at Filey
We had rented a very large and well appointed holiday house for the holiday, it was just right.

Bay House
Filey is a really nice seaside town, it's not at all over-commercialised but has enough amenities, shops, places of interest and is near enough to the countryside and coastal paths to enjoy some amazing walks.

St Oswald's Church, 12th century, lovely place

The Gulls are plentiful if somewhat noisy!
On the Sunday we all went off to the RSPB Reserve at Bempton Cliffs, sadly the Puffins had all fledged but the Gannets were well into rearing their young, Bempton Cliffs is an amazing place, you need a good head for heights

It's a long way down!
One of the other places we visited is actually in Filey, on the outskirts, another nature reserve, The Dams, a preserved area of wetland, where there was not only a significant variety of waterfowl to see but also another very tranquil place.

View from one of the hides at The Dams
Obviously with such a large family group as ours we didn't all do the same things at the the same time but pleased ourselves whether we went off to see or do things together, in smaller groups or alone, the best thing was that there was no pressure, this meant everyone was able to relax, forget about work and everyday life and really chill out.

Filey Museum was another interesting place combining local history, geology, nature etc. in a pair of old cottages in one of the oldest streets in town, it has, not unsurprisingly, won awards for 'Small Attractions'.

The Victorian room in Filey Museum
I was particularly taken with St. Oswald's Church and Churchyard, dating from the 12th century this place is absolutely full of history and the graveyard is beautifully kept and has many extremely old headstones etc. By day it is a good place to see Swallows and House martins and by night it is a fabulous place for Bat spotting as we did on several occasions during one of our many late evening walks.

St. Oswald's from the Mausoleum 
Spending a quiet hour in the peace of the Churchyard I wrote the following poem;

In St. Oswald’s Churchyard

Sitting in the quietude of a country churchyard
The departed all around me are my only company
I ponder upon the frailty of my own mortality
I wonder about the lives of those buried here
Were they good people?
I suppose in reality
The majority were just ordinary folk
Like you and me

This is a serene place a place of peace
Where I could all too easily
Lay me down to sleep among the Angels
Among the carved crosses and weathered headstones
As the sea breeze rustles the leaves on the trees
The gulls wheel and soar overhead
As I rest here, at peace, among the dead.

Grant Meaby

Another of Filey's local attractions is the Filey Bird and Animal Park, despite the weather (Rain, rain, rain), it was another interesting place to visit and the rose gardens in particular were beautiful.

One of the many varieties of Roses in bloom

A pair of handsome chaps
 All in all it was a very splendid and relaxing holiday, it was also great to explore "That bit of coast" between Filey and Bridlington, having previously done the Scarbourough - Whitby coast a few times now, would I go back, indeed I would.

Filey seafront from the Country Park cliff top path
So it will soon be back to work and there is at least one more festival to go to this year, that being Balstock which no doubt will get a bit of write up in due course and then there will be the round of Autumn and Christmas gigs, oh well, such is life, until the next time, cheers one and all.

All Photographs above and the poem 'In St. Oswald's Churchyard' copyright Grant Meaby 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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