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Incredible, somehow, probably due to having been to festivals, been away on holiday then back to work etc. etc. the gig I ended up going to on Saturday the 30th August had somehow passed me by until I was alerted by my good friend Chris mid way through Saturday afternoon, I had a quick listen to the headlining band on line and I was instantly hooked, in fact there were three great support acts including the wonderful Kelly Oliver on the first night of her official album launch tour, the headlining band, from Swanage in Dorset are called Saturday Sun.

Despite the fact that this was not a Fellowship outing as the rest of them were off to Biggleswade to see Rock Out (Soulweaver's cover band incarnation) and although I'd have loved to have been with them 1) I have not yet perfected being in two places at once, 2) I really wanted to see the acts at Club-85 and 3) The getting home thing, the last train back from Biggleswade is ridiculously early, so, of I went to Hitchin.

Some traditions are just too hard to break, I had to call into the Nightingale for a pint or two of Colley's Dog and a chat with some of the local crew in there which is always a please and, somewhat prophetically as it turned out, I wrote the following;

Saturday the 30th August

I am in the Nightingale again
This time I am alone
But I am not short of company
Within this fine hostelry
After all, it is not as though
The Fellowship are strangers here
Our love of the Colley’s Dog beer
Is somewhat legendary
Colley’s Dog may not do tricks
But maybe I will after a pint or two
Of this truly wonderful brew!

I am on my way to Club-85
For a night of melodic folk and rock
Which makes for a nice change
From the metal, prog, hardcore
And downright strange
And I seriously do not mind
Being on my own
Lost in thoughts that are my own
I have in mind that this condition
Will anyway be
Somewhat temporary
As the music caries me

Grant Meaby

First on were due 'A Work in Progress', beautifully crafted poignant songs delivered with real feeling, this was a really classy way of kicking off the evening.

A Work In Progress
Check them out on Facebook at:-

Next up were another due, very different but extremely talented and entertaining, 'Music & Spies', they mixed in some well know rock and sing along pop classics often during one of their own songs, a fabulous continuation of the evening, their EP 'In My Hands' is well worth a listen and a snip at £3.

Music & Spies
Check them out on FB at:-

Next is was the turn of Kelly Oliver to entertain the merry throng, I've already ranted on about just how good Kelly is in my blog on Rhythms, well tonight was the first night of her official CD Album launch tour and she did not disappoint, Kelly delivered by the bucketful, this young lady is going to go far.

Kelly Oliver
Check Kelly out here:-

OK, so now I come to the headlining band, Saturday Sun, they are from Swanage in Dorset, I'm from Poole so we're onto a winner here straight away surely?
The question was could they deliver live the quality of their material I had been listening to on line?
Would they be acoustic?
Would they be electric?
Well, in fact they did a bit of everything!
How on earth can you categorise a band like Saturday Sun? It's probably best not to try but comparisons will be made, obvious influences cited etc. 
I must say that for me, in the quieter primarily acoustic songs the influence of traditional British Folk / Singer Songwriter style was obviously and I guess comparisons will be made between Alex Hedley's vocals and Jeff Buckley which is a damn fine thing in my opinion.
With Billy Merrick's beautiful clear and at times almost ethereal guitar playing moving things along,  the quieter songs had the same sort of feeling I get when listening to the likes of The Pineapple Thief.
But good grief, when they entered into that magical land of the full on electric, soundscape creating, crescendo building magnificence they put more than just me in the mind of the likes of  Shells 'Sea of the Dying Dhow'  or something by 'Lattitudes'.

All in all a truly remarkable band and it was a real pleasure to meet them and I must say their album 'ORIXE' is a masterpiece, this is a band I'd be happy to see any time again.

Saturday Sun
Check out Saturday Sun here:-
Or any of their videos on Youtube (There are a few to see).

For me, unexpected as it was, this turned out to be one of the gigs of the year, nuff said.

Cheers m' dears.

Grant - August 2014

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