Monday, 8 September 2014


After a jolly splendid Thursday night at the Red Lion with Minor Pilot (See previous Blog) it's amazing just how quickly Friday came around, it was like it was the very next day! Well I guess it was really and there i was once again heading off to Hitchin to meet up with Chris and Peter, I'm not saying where, I expect any regular reader can guess but it involved the imbibing of a certain fine ale from Tring.
We were off to Club-85 for a night of good old solid Rock, not Folk, not Prog, not Metal but just pure out and out Rock and by all things magnificent we were not disappointed.

The evening opened with fairly new band Pirate Radio and they were excellent, I think all the members have been around a bit in other bands and now PR have hit the scene with their Pearl Jam'esque solid rock and they were spot on, far too good to be an opening band, how on earth would the other bands fare after them?

Peter & Chris adopt a traditional pose!

Pirate Radio
Over heavy use of the smoke machine somewhat screwed some of the photos but what the hell, it's all about the music, catch the band on Facebook at the link below.

Next up was Speedshot, a powerhouse three piece punk influenced young band who gave us all a masterclass in entertainment, they were brilliant and although the beat and rhythm may have been punk many of the brilliantly executed guitar riffs were pure metal / classic rock and if you combine that with a great singing voice and leaping about all over the place you may just get the picture, which incidentally appears below!


Catch Speedshot on Facebonk here:-

By now we were all nicely warmed up and then along came the truly magnificent Whybirds, now these guys have been around for a while, quite a while and they rock in a heavy west coast style, fabulous songs perfectly executed they were totally mesmerising.

And here's a link to the Whybirds:-

Now we come to the climax (I nearly did during the Whybirds set) yes, headlining tonight were the mighty Tequilla Mockingbird with their high octane rock and roll it was indeed a fine way to bring things to a conclusion, we even had a mass crowd stage invasion and I've not seen that happen for quite a while!

Let the Tequilla Mockingbird stage invasion begin!

And here's a link to these guys:-

I spent quite a few pennies of my hard earned on CD's apart from the Tequilla Mockingbird EP which the singer very kindly gave me and damn fine it is too I must say.

Just came home with the odd CD or two!

What's more this whole couple of days (Or nights) of  excellent music and excess drinking were indeed very much FoTS events, despite one of our regular members swanning off to China of all places so they have now been immortalised in the tradition way, the latest entry in the Chronicles of  The Fellowship are of course:-

The Fellowship Foundation

The time has come the old man said
To talk of many things
So we did and believe me
What foolishness it brings!

We now have plans for a retirement home
Somewhere by the sea
A plan hatched by that erstwhile trio
Peter, Chris and me

It would be the Fellowship Foundation
For wayward girls and boys
As long as you are somewhat over sixty
And don’t mind a bit of noise!

Mind you it could have been inspired
A case of Tring’s finest talking
As off to Club-85 we set post Nightingale
Down the street as we were walking

The second night out in a row for us
In pursuit of yet another musical treat
Minor Pilot at the Red the night before
Would be somewhat hard to beat

But it never ceases to amaze me
The sheer quality of music we have in North Herts
Even if was the ‘Bedford Takeover’ that this night
Stole our ears and hearts

Pirate Radio rocked us first
An opening band that would be hard to follow
But Speedshot with their metal pop punk 
Did not leave us empty or hollow

The Whybirds were outstanding
I later went and bought all their CD’s
And Tequila Sunrise, wow!
Well they will always please

We had plenty of dancing
We even had a mass stage invasion
This night of rock at Club-85
Was indeed somewhat of an occasion

So there we are once more 
We three had been at it again
That retirement home idea
Now seems somewhat tame

Unless we fill the place with live music
Every night of the week
That sounds like much more fun
Our kind of retreat

Stuff the bloody Bingo
The Beetle Drive, Crib & Whist
We’ll spend our twilight days with live music
And perhaps getting just a little pissed!

Grant Meaby

So, until the next time, keep rocking, have fun, stay safe and cool runnings.

Grant - Sept 2014

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