Monday, 29 September 2014


First and foremost this was very much a Fellowship of the Stick event and the first gig of the new season at Melbourn Rock Club (MRC) hosted at the Eternit Sports and Social Club, Melbourn, Cambridgeshire.

Camping from 3pm, bar open, hot food available, three great bands, obviously an opportunity not to be missed for the biggest gathering of The Fellowship this side of Cambridge Rock Festival and so not only did it have to be done, it was!

The venue for this momentous occasion? Melbourn Rock Club of course at the Eternit Sports and Social Club way ‘Out in the sticks’ near Melbourn, Cambridgeshire where Maurice McComb and his MRC crew host some of the best rock gigs around and in such a splendid venue in a beautiful setting.

We arrived around four in the afternoon and established ‘Camp Fellowship’, the headlining band, Black State Highway also arrived nice and early and after playing football for a while they too set up their own Bandcamp, yet another camp was set up by the Motorcycle Clubs that came along for this the first gig of the season at MRC, it wasn’t difficult to tell that this could get quite messy!

One of the great things about the MRC and Maurice in particular is their support of new, young bands, it’s all part of their philosophy and tonight was no exception with Stormdreamer, who, with their well chosen mix of classic rock and punk covers managed to slip in a well penned song of their own creation, considering the lead guitarist was only 12, yes 12, these guys can and certainly did deliver, a force to be reckoned with in a few years if ever we saw one.

Next up were seasoned dirty Southern Blues rockers Buzzard King, we love this band, they always deliver top quality rock and tonight was no exception it’s about time these guys had their own headline show, they and the punters deserve it.

All the way from Brighton were the night’s headliners, Black State Highway, recently signed to Cherry Red and now with major label interest (Which is no surprise) this ultra tight bunch of hard rockers fronted by Latvian singer Liva Steinberga really put on a show of the highest quality as part of their debut album tour for the eponymously named album which is a damn fine piece of work too I must say.

We loved the music, we drank far too much, we saw many old friends, we made some new ones, we brought along Fellowship members who were, up until this night, MRC ‘virgins’, all in all a damn fine night’s rocking and with a good old cooked breakfast on Sunday morning what more could you ask for apart from more of the same!

So, hey ho, here we do!

FoTs get in a State at MRC

En mass the Fellowship were there
Kevin, Chris and Fender Bear
Myself, Smiffy, Tim & Jo
Peter and of course our associate Mo
Camping was available from 3pm
So we were off to Melbourn once again
For three great bands and lots of fun
Trooper for tea just had to be done
Camp Fellowship was quickly established too
Fender’s Den, Kaz da Kamper amd all the crew
With Tim and Jo’s tent bringing up the rear
Oh yes indeed The Fellowship were here

'Camp Fellowship' takes shape
 We weren’t the only ones there on an early start
The headline band really played their part
And set up their camp under the trees
After a game of football if you please
And the motorcycle club arrived as well
Camping some distance away in a hidden dell
But we were all there for the seasons opening gig
And boy oh boy my friends it was bigger than big

A different sort of band camp!
Melbourn Rock Club has a splendid policy
To entertain the likes of you and me
They usually have a new young band on first
To give them experience for better or for worse
Tonight was the turn of  those Stormdreamer lads
So young, so talented and they weren’t half bad 
And then Buzzard King took the stage by storm
A brilliant band way above the norm’
We could have done with a good half hour or so more
But it was then time for the headliners to hit the floor


Buzzard King
All the way from Brighton and now a ‘signed’ band
Black State Highway have been touring this land
Promoting their eponymously entitled debut CD
Which I think they played in its entirety
And by all things unleashed in Heaven and Hell
This band played and played and entertained us so well
On stage Liva transforms into a Latvian princess
Blonde hair high heels and little black dress
She entices and entrances like a real rock star
This band are so good I’m sure they’ll go far

Black State Highway
And we bopped till we dropped
We drank too much beer and JD
But was it all worth it? Don’t just ask me
Have a listen to any of the bands I’ve mentioned above
And I bet you’ll find more than just one you’ll love
So soundly we slept in our campers and tents
Somewhat inebriated but so glad that we went.

Fender gets stuck into his 'Trooper'

Several of the Fellowship with Liva and Harry from BSH

Watch the Facebook page or web site to see what's up next at MRC and maybe we'll see you there! Until the next time cool runnings one and all.
Grant - September 2014

Words and Pic's above all rights reserved Grant Meaby 2014 except the last photo courtesy of the wonderful Jo Hundy.

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