Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Time for it all to be in a more poetic style, three great gigs in four days (Hence the title), anyway, here goes;


Three gigs in four days!
Well it just had to be done
Live music in all its diversity
Just let it run and run

Thursday night at the Red
Soundarc promotions, enough said
Always a good night and this was no exception
The sweet melancholy of  Pete Guy
Followed by, Fishwife’s Broadside
Chris and I met Colin there as well
This was one to remember you could tell
A fine start to October

Pete Guy 

Fishwife's Broadside

Friday was a day of rest

Saturday saw me heading out alone
Spear of Destiny and The Bleach Boys
At Club-85 my spiritual home

Could I walk past the Nightingale?
No, fuelled by a nice Colley’s Dog ale
I sauntered down the road for a night
Of Nihilist Punk and solid rock
And to be part of the biggest crowd at 85
For quite a while 

The Bleach Boys

Spear of Destiny
And so we come to Sunday 
A gathering of the Fellowship
Esquire’s at Bedford was the place
The best Blues Rock outfit around
That’s where Roadhouse were to be found
And the rest they say, is history
Three is better than one
Well it was for me!

And believe me, Sunday was EPIC!

Roadhouse at Danny’s Bar 05/10/14

What do you call Five Corona’s in a Land Rover?
Anything you like because they won’t hear you
For all the laughter and the camaraderie 
With jokes, comments, puns and ribaldry 

A serious conversation, don’t even consider
For it is doomed to immediately end in failure
As we cruised past the local ‘Dogging’ sites
And the places where bikers ride trail bikes

Glancing up towards the sky
Ancient aeroplanes from Old Warden fly by
As we pass the impressive restored airship hangers
Talk turned to fireworks, rockets and bangers

Following the winding riverside road 
We weaved our way into Bedford to unload
For an early evening gig at Esquire’s Danny’s Bar
To see the best Americana Blues Rock band by far


There was Grant, Kevin, Peter and Chris
And of course the one and only Paul ‘Smiffy’ Smith
Fender Bear sent his humble apologies
But after last weeks’ adventures at MRC
Where he met Liva from Black State Highway
He just couldn’t face coming out to play

'The Corona Boys with the lovely Roadhouse ladies - Photo courtesy of Steve Dulieu

Before very long the Corona’s were six
As our Tim arrived too to swell the mix
But sorry to say without our poor Jo
Yesterday’s celebrations don’t you know! 

However we were there and thrilled to see
Lovely Sarah Harvey Smart and the luscious Mandie G
Along with Danny, Gary, Roger and Bill
As the bar very quickly started to fill

Sarah, Mandie G and Gary getting on down

There was Steve and his brother and Martin & Eddie
Trish and Cherry Lee too and we were all ready
As Roadhouse opened up the musical proceedings
With two long sets to play this evening

One of the best Roadhouse gigs we’ve ever seen
And to quite a few now the Fellowship have been
It was great to see the Cambridge and the ‘Skeggy’ lot too
Like us, all there to enjoy, Roadhouse Blues.

The mighty Roadhouse in full flow

Grant Meaby 08/10/14


If you are at all interested in any of the artists and bands that I have mentioned above please use the links provided to visit their Facebook pages and give them a listen.

It'll be a few days before I venture out again in a musical direction and as yet I'm not sure just what that might be so, watch this space, until the next time round the plastic spiral, bye for now and keep rocking.