Sunday, 23 November 2014


Going 'Out to play' on a 'School Night' is often fraught with various perils, especially when it involves a trip to London and trying to ensure that six people, with different jobs and hence different start and finish times and points all get to where they are supposed to be at more or less the same time and of course there's the getting home afterwards and the getting up for work the next day!

Despite the many-fold problems and thanks largely to Kevin the 'Master-planner' we did end up with a viable plan, which worked, to get all six of us to meet up in the White Swan in Islington before the BigElf gig at the Garage on Wednesday night!

All in all an excellent turn out mid-week for a gig which featured 'Jolly' opening the show with great aplomb and some good hard rock, the melodic organ driven 70's influenced magnificence of  'Bend Sinister'  before those difficult to categorize masters of the bizarre, BigElf took to the stage.

Five out of six. Paul on camera duty!

Elfing it Big Time

“If you catch that train, we’ll catch this one”
But choosing which ticket was also such fun
We could save on group travel if at least we were three
But in one’s and two’s well it just couldn’t be
But a straightforward return to our intended destination
And a direct train with no changes from station to station
Sort of resolved the problem

To get The Fellowship together from different locations
At the same place at the same time took some consternation
But eventually we all met up in Islington at the White Swan
Proving that a mass trip to London can successfully be done
There was Roger and Tim, there was Kevin and Paul
There was myself and Chris, yes six of us in-all

Talk of Metal Sausage was high on the list
Even before some of us, accidentally,  got quietly pissed!
“Respect to the Sausage” & “The Sausage condoned”
No wonder the other punters left us quite alone!
Adequately fuelled by good food and great beer
There was no doubt at all that The Fellowship were here

We made our over to the Garage, that’s a music venue
And we sauntered in just like you’re supposed to do
Roger was off talking to rock stars again
While we hit the cider bar, we must be insane!
There were a few punters that we knew gathered there
For this night of mad rock and release of all care

Jolly and jolly good they were too
The first band were ‘Jolly’ damn fine don’t you know
And the second band ‘Bend Sinister’ put on a good show
And BigElf were BigElf as only they can eccentrically be
Mostly entertaining I’d say but too much for me
I escaped with Tim to cool off and to smoke
And chatted to John Young that fine Lifesigns bloke
And what’s more we chatted to the keyboard player from Haken
PS. If you didn’t know, that rhymes with bacon!

Bend Sinister anything but sinister1
We had fun on the tube back to Finsbury Park
Making sour faced travellers laugh after dark
We ate strange spicy lukewarm food as we waited for our train
When it came in we jumped on, oh no not again
Mr. B was up to his late night antics
With Paul as ‘The carer’ they had some new tricks
Rolling around on the floor like a crazy mad thing
I’m sure all the time Mr. F was actually hiding!

BigElf giving it large

Another great night in great company with much beer
And yes it did all happen as recorded right here
What’s more we’ll do it again as it has to be done
As we head back to town for lots more of such fun
No small children or cute fluffy animals
Were harmed in the writing of this poem.

Grant Meaby - November 2014

And that was about it for another fine adventure, we survived a mid-week gig! 
Next along at some stage will be the three bands in three nights extravaganza after we've been to see Gong, Larry Miller and Space Ritual, that may take a bit of getting over, so, until the next time, cool runnings one and all.

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