Sunday, 9 November 2014

It's Only Rock and Roll - Part 2

Indeed, it's all about the.............................................................................................................

So, great gigs are sometimes like buses, you wait ages for a good one to come along and suddenly you get two, back to back!

After a splendid Friday night in Hitchin at Club-85 seeing The Hawklords supported by the Deviant Amps, Saturday saw me heading off to London on a cold wet afternoon to meet up with my good friends Tim & Jo before we sett off to Great Portland Street to the 229 (A new venue for me) to see Pendragon play one of their all too rare UK shows and what's more the support band were also worthy of being headliners in their own right, Tin Spirits, this gig was a House of Progression enterprise so you just knew it was going to be good!

You know that feeling when you set off on some journey and you plan it to the last minute and for whatever reason it all goes awry, sometimes, rarely, the opposite thing happens and by a combination of good luck and no hold ups, I actually found myself at The Euston Tap a good hour before the time we'd planned to meet, the great thing was that so did Tim and Jo!

Having at last been able to put aside the old walking stick a few months ago, Tim and Jo very kindly presented me with a new one.

My new walking stick, oh yes, and I'm wearing my Metal Sausage T shirt
 So, as we imbibed some of natures finest it was monsooning down outside along with the odd crack of thunder just for atmosphere, never mind, adequately fuelled we did the 'dog leg' tube thingy to get to Great Portland Street (Via Kings Cross) and dodging the rain we dashed into The Albany to try some of their deliciously very expensive beer and meet up with many of the stalwart proggy clan before heading off on the exceptionally short journey (Across the road) to the 229.

I must say that the 229 is a splendid venue, plenty of room, reasonably priced bar, high stage, good access etc. etc. and the rate the place was filling I knew would put a smile on the faces of Jon and Stacy and the H.O.P. and it did!

Apart from all the regular and irregular prog punters the audience was like a who's who of the current scene, it would be naff to name drop so I won't other than to say it was great to catch up with Matt Stevens and he had some great news about something I'm involved with but I cannot divulge at this stage.

First on were of course Tin Spirits, who will no doubt be familiar to fans of Big Big Train and XTC, if you're not, go and do a bit of digging, it's interesting stuff and I must say that personally I had not listened to Tin Spirits much before this night, stupid me is all I can say , they were fantastic and their new album, Scorch, has made it to number 1 on my current wish list!
Incredible melodies, stunning harmonies, this was fast becoming my gig of the year and Pendragon hadn't even played yet!

Tin Spirits open the night

Tin Spirits in full flow
Go and check them out, you know it makes sense.

So, here we were, this is what we'd been waiting so long for, not just a Pendragon UK gig but the first true London gig for something like 8 years according to Pendragon front man Nick Barrett.

Two songs into their set and that was it, confirmed, this was / is the gig of the year as far as I'm concerned and they plated for good two and a half hours, treating us to a host of Pendie classics and a good helping from the incredible new album, 'Men who climb mountains'.

I'm sure you can wander off on the web somewhere and get a blow by blow listing of everything they played and whether or not it was 'note perfect' and all that sort of stuff that if you know me, I don't do, after all, it's all about the rock and rock, Pendragon were on fire and played an absolutely outstanding set, one that I'm sure will go down in Prog history.

Pendragon in full flow

Pendragon - In one word - Awesome

So I have only one thing left to say and that's a big thank you to Jon Patrick, Stacy Doller and all at the House of Progression who made this night possible (As they do so many such great nights), you guys put together a night of sheer brilliance.

Phew, now I rest!

Until the next time, cool runnings one and all.

Grant Meaby
Nov 2014

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