Sunday, 9 November 2014

It's Only Rock and Roll - Part-1

And it's been a while, October was fairly quiet on the gig front, but then came November and guess what?

It's all about the..................................................................................................

So, without further ado, It's only Rock and Roll Part-1, the mighty Hawklords supported by the Deviant Amps at Club-85 in Hitchin on Friday the 7th November.

Hawklords and Deviant Amps at ‘85’

I enter the pub and order a beer
Peter and Kevin are already here
When I come to pay
The Landlord says’ “That’s OK”
“This one’s on Dave, it’s his retirement do”
Well, I don’t know Dave from Adam
But I thank you!

Here we are
A gathering of the Fellowship three
Our Chris is still away
And tonight’s not Paul’s ‘cup of tea’
But we have our own Dave in tow
Gently ‘blooding’ him
In the Fellowship experience
It’s obvious, we can quickly tell
He seems to be enjoying himself
Yes indeed, he fits in well

We have gathered in a hostelry in Hitchin
Its name I cannot divest
It’s a bird that sings at night
So you can probably guess
We’re off to see The Hawklords
Supported by The Deviant Amps
A night of Space Rock
Where the fun just never stops

The Deviant Amps open up the evening in style

At Club-85 we’re joined by Alex
And another Chris or two (Gandalf)
As the Deviant Amps take to the stage
How a three piece can generate such a sound
Has to be seen and heard to be believed
And what’s more, I am somewhat thrilled
They have re-released their first album
And they have a new one out too
So I buy both, as you do!

Hawklords are almost at the end of their tour
Touring the new album ‘Censored’
It’s a real coming of age for this band
Fantastic production and a truly awesome sound
Which they replicate so well playing it live
With a smattering from their back catalogue
And some Hawkwind classics too,
All in all a splendid evening, indeed, all round, a splendid do.

Master of the cosmic keys, Harvey Bainbridge

String supremo Jerry Richards

Ron Tree - Front man mastery
Great to see a younger space rocker in action 

And finally this is somewhat symbolic of most of my pictures of drummers! Dave Pearce, a case of cymbala obscura!

And the all important links.

See you all soon with Part-2

Grant Meaby 09/11/14

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