Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I never cease to be amazed at just how good Roadhouse are, they have to be one of the hardest working and best live bands on the Blues Rock circuit, in fact on any circuit and Sunday night at 'Blues at the Red' in the Red Lion pub in Stevenage Old Town they showed just what an amazing live band they are.

Roadhouse, formed in 1991 by Gary Boner and Robert.A.Roberts with Bill Hobley on bass and the the powerful drumming of Roger Hunt.
Roadhouse's music is Blues Rock drawing from the heritage of the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd to Creedence Clearwater Revival, the band has developed a sound all of its own.
One reviewer summed it up as "It’s basically ‘Southern Gothic Americana’ with a splash of added South London". and “Britain’s finest Roots rockers, a dark coming together of Country, Rock and Blues”

In 2004 the Band released a CD , heralded by many critics as the best UK Blues Rock release of the year. No Place To Hide achieved an overwhelmingly positive reaction. “The whole CD is a wonderful and varied collection of songs played to the highest standard by a group of fine musicians. It deserves to take the band on to a higher level. I strongly recommend it” – Blues Matters! Magazine review.

Roadhouse Are:
Gary Boner – Guitar & Vocals
Bill Hobley – Bass
Roger Hunt – Drums
Danny Gwilym – Guitar
Mandie.G – Vocals
- Sarah Harvey-Smart -Vocals
And just recently some guest appearances from Kelly Marie (vocals)

So, some eleven damn fine albums later here they are, some of the members I'm lucky to be able to call real friends and they are playing in my town in one of my favourite haunts, the Red Lion!

Kelly and Mandie G going for it!
Roadhouse Red

The band rolled into town at about seven, as did I
Roger had been in and out of the ‘Red’ earlier. I wonder why?
The afternoon crowd were still there but it could have been worse
But they didn’t hang around for long, they soon all dispersed
As the Sunday night blues crowd slowly started to arrive
For tonight it was the turn of Roadhouse to set the place alive

Roger, Kevin, Chris and of course me
Were there to support the band and the lovely Mandie G
Sarah was missing in foreign climes working away
So Kelly was back on vocal duties, she’s great any day
 There were people from Skeggy and from CRF too
All down at the Red for the Sunday night Blues

It's so intense playing this blues
While Roger and Bill laid down a real solid beat
Danny and Garry let fly a real blues guitar treat
Steve was there with his camera taking the odd cool shot
And I have to admit that the girls looked so hot
There was dancing a plenty and lots of singing along
I was thrilled they played ‘Dark Angel’ my favourite song

All power to Trevor for promoting this night
We had a real cracking time, yes we did alright
With the Roadhouse Blues and that’s it all about said
Sunday night was fantastic at The Blues at The Red.

And there was dancing!
Go and check out Roadhouse, they are so worth it.

Cheers me dears, until we rock again.

Grant - November 2014

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