Monday, 1 December 2014

3 in 1 Like a Well Oiled Machine (Gong, Larry Miller, Space Ritual)

And so there I was, a couple of years back, chatting to Kavus Torabi after a great Knifeworld gig and telling him that I thought Knifeworld were what Gong would be like if they formed today, he was somewhat chuffed and told me that he had recently (At that time) met the wonderful Daevid Allen and now here he is, a few years later, fronting Gong while Daevid is recovering back in Australia, it is indeed a small and wonderfully strange world!

Three in One – Like a Well Oiled Machine

Why three in one? I hear you say
Just what was the order of the day?
Well in this case as you’ll soon see
It was three gigs in three days

Fellowship foursome

Dateline Friday 28th November 
An afternoon and night I’ll always remember
As The Fellowship descended upon Islington
For an afternoon’s drinking and an evening of Gong
With the morning at work well over and done
We were off to London to have some fun
Lunch at the White Swan and charity shop shopping 
Then off to the Compton Arms and the Smokehouse without stopping
Then the famous Hope and Anchor and the Library
 Home of craft beers for our afternoon tea
Where the strangest of half priced cocktails flowed
Well it was during ‘Happy Hour’ I suppose
The Famous Cock was too busy for a beer
So back to the White Swan where we’d started out here!
And then over to The Garage for the Gong family and Gong
With Kavus Torabi at the helm they can’t go wrong
An awesome night of great music and quite remarkably
A journey home without incident for Chris, Kevin, Peter and me!
One down, two to go!

Gong 2014 in full fine flow

Dateline Saturday 29th November 2014
Number two out of three if you see what I mean
And this time something a little less distance away
Letchworth Arts Centre was the order of the day
And a gig which promised to be a real thriller
An intimate evening with Bluesman Larry Miller
The only downside of this Saturday night
Was Peter who sadly failed to ignite!
But for Kevin, Chris, Smiffy, and me
The blues had us singing and dancing merrily
It was nice to see many from the CRF crowd
And hear Larry play the blues again good and loud
But all too soon it was over and done
But we’d sure had another great evening of fun.

Larry Miller and his band

Dateline Sunday 30th November
Where I am I now? I can’t quite remember!
Ah yes day three of the 3 gig weekend
We made it this far and were close to the end
Back to London to the Borderline for the Space Ritual Implosion
Their last ever gig or a just cunning promotion?
To be honest about it, it doesn’t really matter
Nik Turner’s amazing if somewhat mad as a hatter
Tom Crimble’s ‘Inevitable’ opened the show
Country Blues Rock on a space night, well I don’t know!
But the sell-out crowd seemed to lap it up OK
And I spotted our Chris just happily dancing away
And then came the point we’d all waited for
Nik Turner’s Space Ritual had taken the floor
And ruled it by storm for the next couple of hours
Their own songs and Hawkwind oldies suitably devoured
And Ms Angel danced as alluring as can be
We had another great time, Kevin Chris and me
And perhaps it was the three days taking their toll
But a sedate journey home, no embarrassment at all
All in all it had been lots of fun
Like a well-oiled machine 
We’d survived three in one.

Space Ritual, a cosmic wow!

Grant Meaby 

Here are a couple more photos from the evenings:-

Kev & his cocktails

Larry in B & W

Inevitable in action

Space Ritual
Well, what a splendid weekend but I must say I am feeling it somewhat now! It's time for a rest for a couple of weeks I think as we ramp up towards the Yuletide season, cool runnings one and all, until the next time.

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