Sunday, 4 January 2015

So it Begins, by the Power of Three

So here we are, the year 2015 is upon us and only three days in when the gigging season begins in earnest.
This was the first Fellowship of the Stick outing of the year and although there were only three of us, this was an evening that heavily featured three, three of us,  three of the finest singer-songwriters around, Philip Storey, Stuart O'Connor and Owen Stephen and all three with full backing bands.

By the Power of Three, so it begins.

So it begins, we’re now in 2015 
And the gigging season has begun
It’s the 3rd of January
And by Jove it’s a good one!

Traditions had to be upheld
This night the Fellowship were three
So to the Nightingale we went
Just Chris, Peter and me

Three pints of Colley’s Dog
Plus one more for absent friends
A nice way to start the proceedings
Let’s see how it ends?

This night was a singer songwriter special
At North Hertfordshire’s finest, Club-85
And all three with full backing bands
Keeping the finest live music alive

Phil Storey + Band, an excellent start to the evening

Philip Storey was on first to grace the stage
With some old and some splendid new songs
Then came Stuart O’Connor with Leon on drums
Well, like this you just can’t go wrong

The Stu O'Connor band in full flow

Leon Camfield on drum duty

Lastly it was Owen Stephen’s turn
Which he did with some aplomb 
To bring the evening to it’s climax
With his folky country songs

Owen Stephen band bring us to a stunning climax

All in all it was a good turn out too
Which was in itself a real pleasure to see
It was indeed a most splendid evening
So let’s raise one more, to the power of three!

Grant Meaby

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What a way to start off 2015, a fine evening that will be hard to match but as there are just one or two things planned for this year who knows what will happen! Until next time may I wish you all a happy new year and a great year of music.
Grant - January 4th 2015

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