Wednesday, 18 February 2015


The Sunday night acoustic nights at Club-85 have become quite an event with some excellent acts and a nice relaxed, friendly 'clubby' atmosphere, Peter, Chris and I headed on down there on the 15th February primarily to see Luke Tuchscherer from the Whybirds play his solo set but there was a lot more going on!

Acoustically Ours

A Sunday for a pre-gig drink?
Where else do you think?
It could only be the Nightingale
Purveyor of the finest ale
So this is where the Fellowship three
Chris, Peter and little old me
Did wander into to quality assure
The Colley’s Dog, as good as before?
In fact as good as ever
But not so clever
As to sit talking and drinking
What were we thinking
We missed the first act

Oops, sorry Charmaine
Doors opened at seven thirty
With the first act on straight away
Now this is somewhat unusual
It rarely happens that way
But we were there for Donna
Just her own songs and her guitar
She entertained us with style and aplomb
We could not have wished for a better start


Luke from the Whybirds was on next
In fact it was him we’d all come to see
He was just downright bloody fantastic
Just as we’d hoped he would be
He didn’t disappoint, he enthralled us
We sang and we all clapped along
His own stuff was poignant and splendid
And so was that old Whybirds song
When he had finished his set
Which by the way was far too short
We all went down for a chat
And his solo CD we all bought


The Kingston Inn were the headlining band
But with a somewhat noisy and shambolic start
The sound balance was so horribly unbalanced
With the drums blowing everything else apart
And then as each lead instrument fired up
It drowned out everything else you could hear
But help was at hand when the sound man
Did suddenly, just like that, re-appear

The Kingston Inn

Knobs were twiddled, turned and adjusted
And a magical transformation occurred
They sounded like a band should sound
And you could hear clearly each word
Like the Pogues meet Mumford and Knifeworld
It was a pretty strange mix but endearingly OK
A strange blend of traditional folk and art rock
What a great way to spend an evening on a Sunday

Chris and Peter and I certainly had fun!

Mind you, I think this helped too!

Enough said

So, until the next time and who knows when and what that will be, stay sane, stay safe and cool runnings one and all.

Grant Meaby

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