Monday, 9 February 2015


OK, so our friend and the man behind Anonymous Promotions, much loved for putting on such an eclectic variety of bands, Roger King, decided that for his Stag Party he was going to have a night of Hardcore Rock, and why not I say, why not!

So, without further ado, he did, we did, and it was jolly splendid.

Hardcore or What?

Do not pass go, do not collect £200
Go straight to Club-85

Tonight there were no Nightingales singing
Just Hardcore rock to set our ears ringing
No Colley’s Dog but set that aside
There was Woodford’s Wherry and London Pride
Chris and I were there for the bands and what’s more
It was Roger King’s stag night with people galore
All in all a great turn out which was so good to see
Including the massed ranks of the North Herts music scene

The Grass is Hairy

The Grass is Hairy opened the night
Doom laden grungy punk metal and it was alright
Seasons Calling followed and they were quite OK too
Soaring soundscapes, growled vocals, just like they do

Seasons Calling

But then came Arms and the Man and by god was it fun
I guess you could say they showed us all how it should be done
It’s a shame they are splitting but all good things must pass
So catch the last show if you can, just get off your arse
And get down to the Red Lion on Feb 26
As this will be a show that is not to be missed

Arms and the Man

But back to the Friday and topping the bill
Were Ash is a Robot all the way from Portugal
With their blend of Hardcore and more melodic songs
It was a pleasing mix that just couldn’t go wrong
And Roger appeared to end up somewhat wasted
It must have been all those Jager bombs he tasted

Ben "Someone get Roger a Jager Bomb, no, get him two"

With thanks to Ben from Arms and the Man
For inciting us all to get Roger as drunk as he can
So it’s three cheers once more to the one and only Roger King
It was all down to Anonymous Promotions doing their thing
Head-banging in the evening, banging head in the morning
Spot on, rock on, should carry a Public Health Warning!
Oh yes, and by the way, congratulations Roger.

Ash is a Robot

Grant Meaby


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