Wednesday, 11 March 2015


OK, an exceptionally strange title for this one, maybe I'm finally losing my marbles (Some would say I lost them years ago!), let me explain, no, hang on, perhaps this will explain it better.

And not on the poster - Izzy Rowland

You see, it all becomes so much clearer now, The Astronauts in a rare full band appearance (Or was The Otters?) Pog, The Metatrons and Izzy Rowland.

There were three of us from The Fellowship, pre-gig supping and chatting away at The Nightingale, myself, Chris and Alexander, a somewhat different three from normal but excellent fun none the less.

First on was young Izzy Rowland playing her first Club-85 gig, despite her 1st time nerves before 'Getting up there' she played a consummate set with the confidence and maturity of someone a lot older than her tender 15 years, this girl is definitely one to watch out for and a little bird tells me that we may see here appear at this years Rhythms of the World Festival on a, in fact, the, best stage there is, watch this space.

Izzy Rowland

Oh just how many months have I waited to see the next band again, one of my all time fave's, all the way 'up' from Brighton, the fabulous Pog with their bouncy folky punky quintessentially English quirky music, I love'em to death.


Next up were a band I've not seen for some time, female fronted punk influenced the delectable skewed fuzz-pop band, The Metatrons, whose CD, Between Planets is worth adding to any collection.

The Metatrons

How long has it been since we saw the Astronauts in a full band format? Too long, that's how long, these days, apart from the seemingly invincible Mark Astronaut, they may be a different band from years ago but the line up changes over the years would rival any band with such a longevity and as long as Mark is fronting them they ARE the Astronauts come what may.
What a damn fine splendid set they played and all of them were on fire, Mark especially, what a treat and, to top it all, this particular Saturday was The Gong Family Global Party, so, to mark the occasion the music of Gong and Daevid Allen was played before and between the bands while a fine picture of Daevid graced the backdrop, ahh, blisssss.

The Astronauts

Astropogging Met Izzy

So, what does one do on a Saturday night?
Meet up with friends maybe enjoy a beer or two
To me that sounds just about right
And a healthy serving of great music

Once again the Fellowship were three
But a somewhat different combination
Where else could we be?
Alexander, Chris and myself

There really is only one place to go
For a pre-gig drink and a chat
A place that we all know
Somewhere convenient and friendly

So we met in the Nightingale
Determined not to overstay our welcome
As we supped the finest of real ale
Before a stroll down the road to Club-85

This time we did not miss the first act
Young Izzy Rowland and her first ‘85’ gig
Well thank heavens for that
She was enchanting and really very good

Pog travelled up all the way from Brighton
With their folky punky quirky songs
It was great once more to see Joe Davin
I really love this band

The Metatrons were extraordinarily good
Punky pop solidly delivered
Really put me in the mood
For the Astronauts full band

Was it the Astronauts or was it the Otters?
Mark A was on fire as were the band
So it really didn’t matter
A splendid show all round

Saturday was also the Global Gong Family celebration
Making the evening somewhat even more special
Filling me with joy and a feeling of jubilation
With the music of Daevid Allen and Gong played before and between the bands
When all is said and done, another fabulous evening was had by everyone.

Grant - March 2015

So when will I be back again and with what? Who knows, I certainly don't, so,. until the next time round the plastic spiral, stay safe and cool runnings one and all.

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