Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Daevid Allen - A Personal Tribute

Daevid est Morte, Viva Daevid

As if losing the wonderful Terry Pratchett last week was not in itself bad enough, the very next day the world lost Daevid Allen, I'm sure that this post the Gong family will understand.

Fittingly I begin with the words of Orlando Allen:-

And so dada Ali, Bert Camembert, the Dingo Virgin, Divided Alien and his other 12 selves prepare to pass up the oily way and back to the planet of love. And I rejoice and give thanks,” he wrote. “Thanks to you dear dear Daevid for introducing me to my family of magick brothers and mystic sisters, for revealing the mysteries, you were the master builder but now have made us all the master builders. As the eternal wheel turns we will continue your message of love and pass it around. We are all one, we are all Gong. Rest well my friend; float off on our ocean of love. The gong vibration will forever sound and its vibration will always lift and enhance. You have left such a beautiful legacy and we will make sure it forever shines in our children and their children. Now is the happiest time of your life. Blessed be.”

Rarely does the life and philosophy of one man have such a profound effect on so many people including myself.
I am a great believer in the philosophy of “All roads lead to now”, that we are the sum of all our previous experiences, good and bad, happy and sad, everything we are and where we are today would not be without everything that has gone before.

And so, without further ado

Daevid Allen, a personal tribute

Rarely does one man
Or the music of one particular band
Have an effect so profound
That the expression ‘Life Changing’ may resound
Yet it does not even come close to describing the effect
That Daevid Allen and Gong have had on me
You see
Without them I would not be who I am today
I can with some surety say
That my life would have taken a far different course
So although with some sadness but with no remorse
I mourn his departure with a celebration of what Daevid has meant to me
I would never have had the early group of friends I had
There may never have been a Michelle and me
No son, no grandsons, no first family
And certainly none of what followed

There would have been no ‘Avebury Experience’
No Raw Carrots and Muesli Band
With Ledger, Poot, Pog, Liz and Fozzie, and
The experiences that inevitably led
Through a somewhat twisting course
To the love of my life
To Sue my wife
To our wonderful family 
To me making something of my life and latterly
Undoubtedly to the very formation of The Fellowship of the Stick 
To so many dear friends that I treasure
To so many experiences and to so much pleasure
To my appreciation of music so eclectic and diverse 
To me now as I sit to compose this verse
To my writing in general and my love of live poetry
Quite simply, I wouldn't be me

When I first met Daevid
And told him of the profound effect on my life
That he and Gong had had
He shook my hand and held it in both of his
He gazed into my eyes
And he radiated love
A gift from the planet Gong, a gift from above
And so I end with the words of Ledger De La Bald
Performance poet, dear friend and fellow writer
“Daevid est Morte, Viva Daevid, the afterlife party just got brighter”.

GM March 2015


  1. You've said it all Grant. And not only has the afterlife party got brighter, he's left us a light which shines on.

    1. Cheers Boathook, your words are wise and true, the light shines on.