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Saturday the 18th April 2015 saw us joining a full house at Club-85 in Hitchin for the annual Dreadzone gig, one of those events I always try to get to because it's such fun, preceded by a 2 DJ set of reggae, ska, bluebeat and dub it was a fantastic night if you are into that kind of music and among the many types of music I love, reggae and dub and the dancey beat stuff, oh yes, I'm there.
Sadly though, for one of my friends, it was not the best of nights for him as he is not at all fond of reggae and the DJ sets were enough to have him climbing the walls and heading home, a shame, but each to their own, after all, where would we be without a little diversity?

So, was it FoTs night? The pre-gig drinks certainly were and for myself and Chris it certainly was and a damn fine splendid one it was too, Dreadzone absolutely rocked and near on 250 people bounced from start to finish!

So, a little bit about Dreadzone, the best way to find out more is to go to their website and, as if by magic, here's the link:-

And where did this all take place? Why, Club-85 of course:_

Dreadzone in full flow
Now, the astute among you will perhaps spot some lines from a few well known songs and maybe even the construction of the poem which is based on a couple of other songs, here goes!

Dreadzone Chris and Me And the Reluctant Mr.C

I was drinking my lovely ale
Concentrating on supping right
Heard a voice to the right of me
“I’m not enjoying this gig tonight”
He said “I hate it, it’s awful
It’s really the pits
How can anyone like reggae
It gets on my tits”

We said

“We don’t like reggae, oh no
We love it”

“We don’t like reggae, oh no
We love it”

“Just drink your nice beer”
But it had no effect
He was driven away
By the two DJ set

But don’t be sad
‘cos two out of three ain’t bad

As he walked through the crowd
We were sad but you see
It was all for the best
For him and Chris and me
As he turned away
I’m sure I heard him say
“Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ”

Are you ready Hitchin?
Let’s do this

Hear me now
We’re bouncing
We’re happy
We’re singing along
This isn’t reggae
It’s dub but
Mr. C had gone
He missed the dancing
The singing
The great atmosphere
Each to their own though
We’re happy
Chris and I are staying here

It was dancey
It was spacey
And Club bounced along
Capacity, crowded
They loved every song
And with Chris there
I was so glad
I wasn’t alone
We had a great time with
The mighty Dreadzone

So for future reference
To avoid such a fix
Just remember that Mr. C
And reggae don’t mix

“We don’t like reggae, oh no
We love it”

“We don’t like reggae, oh no
We love it”

Dreadzone, thanks for a great gig
All rights rerserved - Grant Meaby - April 2015
(Apart from the bits I nicked!)

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