Monday, 6 April 2015


Dragons? Simple, one fabulous band, one of the hardest working rock bands in the UK today has to be Soulweaver, the Soulweaver emblem is a dragon, dragons feature heavily on the band's pages, merch' and within the band's fan page on Facebook and strangely enough, for the very first time they were appearing at Club-85 in Hitchin on Saturday 4th April, supported by The Smokin' Prophets who are locally promoted by our very own Roger Marsh and outstanding heavy blues rock band, Stonewire, this had to be a FoTs get together of epic proportions, it was and some of us met a honey sweet dragon called Jack!

Here, there be Dragons

Had the Fellowship been ‘Nights of old’
In some long forgotten chivalrous time
There would be such stories to be told
In song, in verse, and of course in rhyme

We set out upon a foolish but noble quest
On a Saturday night in April 2015 
To meet to drink to make a merry jest
To discover whether dragons could still be seen

Suffice to say that should our adventure
Have be placed way back in historical times
It would have been a most dangerous venture
By no means easy nor indeed benign!

Our ‘Holy Grail’ if one may make so bold to say
Was to catch a dragon by the tail along the way
And to see three merry bands of minstrels fine
Indeed it was an awesome time

So unto a well known an inn we did retire
To prepare our souls for the night’s endeavour
Five fine Fellows in similar attire
Two wise nights and three perhaps not so clever!

Smokin' Prophets

The Smokin’ Prophets spun their tales
To the sound of amplified guitars
A damn fine bunch of merry lads
Assisted by dear Roger (He’s one of ours)


Stonewire are a really classy act
Blues rock, hard and heavy at its very best
While three of us flirted with a dragon called Jack
Which put our sobriety severely to the test


Soulweaver were simply magnificent
To this fact we can all contest
There are further tales of journeys home
But I have no memory of this particular quest

Swirling Dragons in the air
Thank heavens for Peter, Alex and Roger
Flying the noble flag of sobriety
Unlike the three of us
Kevin, Chris and me
For we certainly found our dragon
Sweet Jack, deceptive and deadly as can be!

Well it is Easter

Roger with Dan from Stonewire
A dragon in the smoke

Here's a link to the Weavers, the official Soulweaver fan page on Facebook:-

All in all it was one damn fine night, three excellent bands, lots of fun and far far far too many Jack Daniel's Honey, oh well, I suppose every now and then it has to be done, I slayed a lot of personal dragons that night. probably embarrassed myself terribly but of which I have no memory so what the hell, I'm growing old disgracefully, thanks to all three bands for an excellent night of top class music, thanks too to Bob Mardon and the crew at Club-85 for keeping music alive and finally huge love and manhugs to my Fellowship crew for making sure most of me got home in one piece!

Grant Meaby – April 2015

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