Sunday, 28 June 2015


It may have been the Rainbow day but we had only one colour on our mind, Magenta.

Saturday 27th June was so suddenly upon us and we were off to London, to the Borderline to see Magenta, after of course the obligatory afternoon visiting some of our favourite 'establishments' and watching the tail end of the Pride celebrations.

It was a hot day, a very hot day and that all seemed to add to the (from everything we saw) friendly carnival atmosphere, it was pretty damn busy though!

As far as the gig itself goes, wow! Pete Jones (Tiger Moth Tales) playing live was just something so beautiful and amazing, playing songs from his Cocoon and the new Storytellers Part One albums we just knew we were in for a treat this night.

Magenta were, as they say, 'Up for it', an absolutely stunning set, perfect in every way and when David Longdon (From Big Big Train) joined them on stage to sing Spectral Mornings, well, it was one of those jaw dropping magical moments that don't happen too often.

It was a very special gig for so many reasons, not only was the music absolutely brilliant it was also the biggest gathering of the prog loving community that we've been to since Celebr8.3 and so good to see so many friends on such a beautiful day.

A Rainbow Over London 

Despite the seemingly inevitable train delay
We were finally on our way
Straight down to Euston
For a fine lunch in the Bree Louise
And some excellent ale if you please

So today it was just Chris and me
On this most glorious of days
The sun was shining
The beer was flowing
And so were we
As we wound our way to the Euston Tap

Now the plan was to catch a bus
Up to Tottenham Court Road
But not today it seemed
They just wouldn’t go
“It’s chaos up there”
The bus driver said
So we caught the tube instead

Emerging once more into the sun
And straight into the tail end of Pride
There were some stunning costumes
I saw visions of angels
And there was reggae on the street
We danced to the intoxicating beat
Before a drink in Weatherspoons
And the best kebab I’ve ever had!

Round the corner to the Borderline
To name all we knew who were there?
Well there just isn’t time
It may have been rainbow day
But we had only one colour on our mind

The incredibly talented Pete Jones a.k.a. Tiger Moth Tales
Pete Jones Tiger Moth Tales
Was a revelation
Exquisite in every way
Before Magenta seized the day
And treated us to what could well be
The gig of the year for Chris and me
And when David Longdon joined them to sing
Spectral Mornings
Wow, just wow!
For now, I’m lost for words.

The magnificent Magenta

On behalf of us all who had such a wonderful time, huge love and thanks to Jon Patrick and all at The House of Progression for putting on one of the finest gigs of the year.

If you want to explore either of these fine artists in more depth then I can highly recommend Tiger Moth Tales Storytellers Part One:-

And no finer introduction to Magenta than the new double album, The Singles Complete:-

So, after a couple of weeks of musical adventuring it's back to normality for a while at least, until the next time, cool runnings one and all.

Grant, June 2015

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