Sunday, 14 June 2015


Well it's been a while since the Fellowship were out and about in a group of  more than three, this night saw four of us gathering in a well known Hitchin hostelry for a pre gig beer or two before setting off to Club-85 for a very special Hawklords gig.

Although booked in to Club-85 as part of their now thankfully annual autumn tour, the Hawklords contacted Bob to see if they could play a date in early June as well as part of their mini warm up tour before hitting the summer festival scene, it was a no brainer and hence was quickly arranged, the fans would and did come attracting a large contingent of the Hawkwind family from near and far and boy oh boy were the Hawklords on fire, they treated us to a wealth of their own material plus of course some, predominantly Bob Calvert era, Hawkwind classics.

Talk about blissed out, this was a mighty gig and admirably kicked off by the first ever gig from techno trance due, The Beat Jugglers, piano led techno trance? Well, strange as it may seem, it worked and got the evening off to a fine start.

We all rose to the rhythm of the drum

We are wise, we are one
We are wild with the sun
We are wise we are one
We all rise to the rhythm of the drum

We met again in the Nightingale
Sharing laughs and damn fine ale
Passing time spent so well 
Creating new myths and tales to tell

We planned our summer festivals
And talked of future gigs to come
But first there was tonight
A Fellowship night of fun

Were we wise? We were one
We were wild with the sun
And there was no doubt
We’d be dancing to the rhythm of the drum

Beat Jugglers

Down the road to Club-85
Felling good to be alive
Piano led techno trance
I know it sound absurd
But it worked for the Beat Jugglers
And you can take my word

Club was really buzzing
The Hawkwind family were here 
The atmosphere was electric
And the time was drawing near

Hawklords in full swing
The Hawklords treated us one and all
To a gig that was just sublime 
We sang along we danced along
We all had a real good time

And time passes as it must, with unfailing certainty, 
all good things must end sometime, but not without an astounding encore

Going cosmic
We were wise, we were one
We were wild with the sun
We were wise we were one
We all rose to the rhythm of the drum

Judging by the crows reaction, it was a damn fine night indeed!

Grant Meaby – June 2015

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