Friday, 31 July 2015


Wow, what a line up! 
Izzy Rowland, Mark Astronaut & Rico, The FingerChoppers (Last gig) and The Trailer Trash Orchestra, in fact anything but a trashy night!

Chopped Away

Young Izzy Rowland opened the night
She may be young but she can sure sing alright

Izzy in action
And then came Mark Astronaut with old band mate Rico
Playing songs from way back that many of us know

Mark & Rico a blast from the Astronauts past
Which after a gathering at the Nightingale
Went down very well after the Colley’s Dog ale

For Peter and Chris and Colin & I
Were once again ensconced in Club-85

For Hazel and the Fingerchoppers it was their last gig
It’s such a great shame that they never made it big

The Fingerchoppers, great band, outstanding last performance
For they’re such a good band and tonight they just shone
The performance of their career, they just couldn’t go wrong

With the Trailer Trash Orchestra headlining the show
Club-85 was of course the only place to go

The Trailer Trash Orchestra in full swing
So we did and as expected it was an excellent night
Which set us up for the weekend somewhat perfect alright

For the next day it was Broomstock for two days of fun
Gigging and festivals just have to be done
And that is another story!

Grant Meaby
July 2015

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