Friday, 31 July 2015


Last weekend saw us going off to a very different, small and intimate charity festival in Broom in Bedfordshire hosted by the Cock pub, all profits were going jointly to the Alzheimer's Society and Sue Ryder charities, it was had a beer and cider festival with camping available overnight, all in all a recipe for another great weekend!

As it was all for charity, this is what we like to see:-

Taking Stock of Broomstock

I’m taking stock of Broomstock
And all that transpired there
Carefully selecting
The parts I can safely share

Not that anyone did anything
That was bad or of dubious content
But some drinking behaviours after all
Are best kept inside the tent

Camp Fellowship is established
Camp Fellowship was established
By Paul and Kevin the night before
With Kaz da Kamper and Fenders Den
With room between for more

Chris and I arrived on time
Soon followed by a Tim
Sadly there was no Jo this time
She was too busy still working

Tim, Paul, Mark & Kev get into the festival spirit
Although we had no Peter
We gained a Mark instead
He later slept securely
Up in a Kaz da Kamper bed

Corruption on the stage
Lynne was doing ‘Fancy Tat’
So a lot of the gang were here
To enjoy the good music
The cider and the beer

One of many!
 Of which throughout the festival
Copious amounts were put away
And things got quite hilarious
As we progressed through the day

Kevin took a group from work
To sample the Mount Gay rum
Returning with a happy smile
There was dancing to be done

The famous table dance
We saw the table dance performed
The pink blanket dance as well
The Bull Tango and the Matador
As if you couldn’t tell

The Pink Blanket Dance
The I’ll show you mine if you show me yours
That’s dance moves what did you think?
All in all quite spectacular
Fuelled by lots more drink

Anything you can do!
When all the bands had finished
Before we went to bed
We sampled two types of rum with coke
Until Tim lost his balance and his head

Saturday night was Inspired
When morning came we breakfasted
In a sumptuous English manner
Then like the others packed up our camp
Before the rain did start to hammer
A quick excursion made by all
To dump camping stuff at home
Then we all returned to Broomstock
Virtually on our own

Lynne &Paul demonstrating the Sunday rainy day snuggle
Huddled in blankets under gazebo’s
Wrapped up in thin plastic cagoules
Were we hardy music fans?
Or just stupid bloody fools?

Them what played
 But Broomstock is for charity
And at least it’d been sold out
So I hope in the end they did OK
Because that’s what it’s all about

Luke (you can see his name on the board) The Whybirds man done good
We had a great time after all
Even if we did cut Sunday short
Festivals in the English summer time
Can be an extreme sport!

Smile, that's all you can do!
So taking stock of Broomstock
All in all it was a really good event
Small but perfectly formed
I’m just so glad that we all went.

And finally, the really good thing is that they raised £1233 in all for the charities which is excellent.

Grant Meaby

July 2015

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