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Saturday the 11th July 2015, the biggest gathering of The Fellowship of the Stick for many months and we were off to Club-85 in Hitchin for a free gig, yes free, as in, well, free!
SG1 Radio organised the event in aid of UNICEF's Smile for Children charity, staring local hero's or should I say heroines, the internationally acclaimed Joan ov Arc and with Hysteric Lolita all the way from Japan headlining and three support acts to boot, money was raised by the kind donations made by the punters on the night.

As there were so many bands performing it was an early start, so it was an early start for us too, meeting up as usual in the Nightingale for a beer or two before the gig and a chicken meal of course, well, some traditions just have to be maintained!

Turning Japanese

Saturday 11th July 2015
And where was the Fellowship to be seen?
An early start at five PM
And we were in the Nightingale again
Drinking Colley’s Dog from Tring

Club-85 were hosting a gig that was free
In support of a UNICEF Charity
Put on by Stevenage’s own SG1 Radio
Joan-Ov-Arc were playing, hey ho let’s go
And some other bands including a band from Japan

Chicken and chips for our evening meal
And how did we feel?
Ready to rock and roll
That says it all
Time to join the rocking throng

Circadian Rhythm
Circadian Rhythm opened the show
Just three songs, although
This was a great start, melodic and poignant
Music for ‘grown ups’ if that was the intent
Much enjoyed by those who were there

Echo Tree
The first of the evening’s discoveries
Were the FFB Echo Tree
Good raunchy rock certainly reminded me
Somewhat of Blondie
And that can’t be a bad thing
This is Eight
But what followed blew us away
This is Eight played a storming set OK
Blues Rock mixed with funk & indie
Certainly did the trick for me
And everyone else it seems

Joan ov Arc
Joan Ov Arc were on fire this night
Boy oh boy did we rock alright
They are one of the best live bands around
If you love that hard rock sound
And I’m sure that Debs smiled at Kev (More than once)

G La Roche
G La Roche joined them on stage for just one song
To sing in Japanese and he couldn’t go wrong
With Kevin holding up the words
All in all quite absurd
But fun none the less

Hysteric Lolita
Headlining and all the way from Japan
Were Hysteric Lolita, another all girl band
They could play extremely well
But surely everyone could tell
They were somewhat disconcertingly young!

Hysteric Lolita & Joan ov Arc
Now lyrics sung entirely in Japanese
Don’t always hit the spot or please
But all things said, they tore the place apart
And the finale when they were joined by Joan Ov Arc
Was a somewhat storming end alright
To what was all round a brilliant night.

Grant Meaby

July 2015

So now it's time to take a break, work beckons and then it's off to The Night of the Prog festival in Lorelei in Germany, so bye for now and cool runnings one and all.

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