Tuesday, 11 August 2015


So what was Reaperfest all about?


First and foremost our heartfelt thanks to Maurice McComb and all the Melbourn Rock Club guys who worked so hard to make this a very special and excellently run festival.

As CRF (Cambridge Rock Festival) was not on this year they wondered, "Why not have our own festival?" and so they did and damn fine it was too, so, without further ado, this was very much a Fellowship of the Stick event with the largest gathering of the Fellowship since HRH Prog 3.

Reaperfest 2015

Chris said “After this Reaperfest you must have enough material for a novel”

Well yes, and no,

Indeed there was much laughter
A great time spent with the best of friends
Good music, too much beer and cider
But nothing I can remember that we’d regret after

Us taking it all so seriously
We must of course remember also that what happened at Reaperfest stays at Reaperfest
Accept perhaps
Nothing too outrageous did occur
On this I hope we can concur

There was of course some pretty outrageous dancing
Late nights socialising
With other friends who were camping
Or glamping
Mornings doing nothing but chilling
With really nothing much to do
Apart from sitting in the sun
Chatting and just enjoying the pure freedom
Of it all

Camp Fellowship is established
Early Friday evening saw us establish our little camp
With Fender’s den (The caravan)
Kaz Das Kamper
And camp Hundy
There were Corona’s and wigs
And laughter and photographs
And maybe wee drink or two to get us in the mood and be ready
For G La Roche to kick off
The musical proceedings

The ever entertaining Mr Balstock himself, G La Roche

Black Jack Blues

Black Jack Blues
And the Smokin’ Prophets (our Roger’s boys)
The less said about the sound-check
The better
Been there done that one to death
And I think they played a good set
If a little loud

The Smokin' Prophets
Didn’t seem to affect the crowd
Who were all warmed up for Kaine
And oh yes, Kaine did it again
A fine set befitting of Dan’s departure
And after……………………..

Kaine, an amazing performance
We retired to the camp for late night JD’s
Pizza and a bit of finger lickin’ hot chicken
We had visitors some I saw and others I missed
Somewhat pissed I retired to my bed
While the others rocked me to sleep

First thing on Saturday morning Smiffy took Roger away
To exchange him for muffins and milk
A fine trade I might say
Only joking,
Roger had to go back to Peterborough to see his son
It’s a shame he couldn’t stay and enjoy the fun
With Kevin, Chris, Tim, Jo, Smiffy & me
But family is family

Fender holds court in his den

So after breakfast we sat and chilled in the sun
In the kids adventure playground some had fun
We watched the old aeroplanes flying overhead
Some local and others from Duxford
And before we knew where we were
They’d re-opened the bar!
Yes indeed, Saturday had begun.

Aeroplanes from Duxford but we had our very own Tiger Moth display!
Angel Underground kicked us off in fine biker rock style

Angel Underground
Followed by a more blues rock led afternoon with
Double Shot, Lovehats & the Hotpoints

Double Shot


Before Dirty Little Rebel
Ripped the roof off with their brand of punk metal
While we dined on the finest of Tosh’s burgers
Or chips with curry sauce
Washed down of course, with lashings of real ale or cider
And boy oh boy can our Jo dance with that inside her!

Dirty Little Rebel
Colonel Gomez topped the bill
Getting on but outrageous still
I cannot adequately describe the costumes
Just see the photographs and you’ll see what I mean

Colonel Gomez
Oh, yes, and then there was the dancing
We may have been in the courtyard outside
But we could see the band and the music was nice and loud
And our general prancing
Suddenly seemed to turn into ‘Line Dancing’
Until the Moon came out over Melbourn

Oh my good grief, we might be starting to line dance!
But what happened at Reaperfest stays at Reaperfest
I think that’s all I’ll say, it’s for the best
And at least those photos can’t be shared on Facebook!

This nights camp-side late night visitors
Were Martyn & Donna
And a very pleasant way to end the day
And indeed the festival
All in all
It was an absolute blast
The MRC did us proud
And for that they should be proud
So, until the next time............................

Cool runnings one and all, have a great summer, see you after Balstock.

Grant Meaby - August 2015