Saturday, 19 September 2015


So soon after last weekend's amazing Balstock and we were out at a gig again, Friday the 18th September to be precise, at Club-85 for yet another serving of the amazing Mr. G. La Roche, this time supporting Professor Elemental, now if you've not heard of Professor Elemental, or 'Chap Hop', or Steampunk then you've been missing a treat, get out there on that old WWW and see what it's all about, the biggest element is FUN with capitals, I say, one must always be prepared to have fun, we did!

So Typically British

One started as one often does
Within the Nightingale
For a meeting of those Fellows fine
And imbibing of real ale

Once again the ale of choice
Now here’s a funny thing
For it was that fine dark brew
The Colley’s Dog from Tring

Although this poem comes free of charge
It’s not for resale or rental
Especially as it honours both
G La Roche and Professor Elemental

Mr G La Roche
For it was these fine chaps we’d come to see
For our evening’s entertainment
So from the Nightingale to Club-85
That is the place where we went

This fine night the Fellowship
In fact we numbered three
For there was a Peter and a Chris
And then of course there was me

Peter and Chris suitably attired

And what a jolly splendid jaunt
We sang and laughed along
Sometimes we even had a dance
When the urge came upon us strong

OK, here's one of G in colour
There were people dressed up splendidly
In a variety of costumes old
So typically British my dear chap
Or so I have been told

The Professor in full flow
And both the mighty G La Roche
And Professor Elemental
Were on such sparkling form this night
It was all in all quite mental

Professor Elemental is quite a colourful chap too
But we loved it!

The Club-85 crowd loved it too
Grant Meaby

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