Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Phew, what a title! Well actually, what a gig!

Yes I'm back and this time with a more or less straightforward gig review, not that I've not been inspired to wax lyrical, in fact I have been away by the sea and have also been concentrating on my more serious writing which will get aired in due course, but for now, back home and back going out to catch some of the best local live music around.

This weekend just passed has probably answered a question that has been burning in the brain of many a young North Herts gig goer, and that is, "Why is Club-85 called Club-85", well, this weekend saw a whole weekend of Club-85's 30th birthday celebrations, as we are currently in 2015 I think I'll let you work out the answer for yourself.

And so, as part of those birthday celebrations there was a truly splendid gig on the Sunday night.

The Ghosts of Harry Triggs Bastard Sons sounded like they had not only lived through the tail end of the sixties but had even remembered something of it, certainly the sometimes shambolic psychedelic ramblings of early Sort Machine / Velvet Underground etc. but they had also dragged themselves through the 70’s Punk era and what resulted was a strange mix and mash up which reminded me very much of the ‘Acid Punk’ of the 70’s free festivals that my old band used to play so badly!
In a very strange and indefinable way it was quite enjoyable experience although sadly not appreciated by some of the crowd who were quite vociferous in their opinions which would have been better taken outside.

The Ghost of Harry Trigg's Bastard Sons
The thing about the Jesus Hooligan Drum Circle is that to really appreciate them  you just have to join in and there is always every opportunity to do so, as there was on this night.
The club was full of things to bash and things to bash those things with, I guess for many of those not partaking this may have sounded like a self-indulgent unholy racket but if you join in and let yourself go with the flow, or rather the rhythm then boy oh boy is it fun, JH really tap into something primeval and tribal and what’s more you end up getting a work out that you’d pay a lot more for at your local gym!

Jesus Hooligan Drum Circle
This time led by a more or less full band this was audience participation to the max!

All together now, OK, all untogether now!

 Fresh from their stunning performance at this year’s Rhythms of the World festival where they headlined the Arcadeclectic stage drawing one of the biggest crowds we’ve had the pleasure to entertain, it was the turn of Stevenage’s own Ska Punk maestros Scum of Toytown to absolutely rock the roof off Club-85 with a selection of songs both old and new material from the new album ‘Cells’ which is available on vinyl and digital download from the bands website and a damn fine piece of work it is too.

Scum of Toytown
With fine musicianship and lead vocals that could easily grace any classic English folk band, Scum of Toytown really are that good and that different, it’s no wonder they have been rocking the world, well certainly Europe for so long, despite their (20 year) long rest, their 1stalbum ‘Strike’ has remained a punk classic and firm favourite since its release.

Scum of Toytown really rocked and did we dance?
Oh yes, we danced!
All in all it was a splendid evening and a very fitting part of Club-85’s birthday celebrations, so here’s to the next 30 years.

Cheers m'dears, until the next one, Grant, August / September 2015

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