Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Did I ever mention that Space Rock is one of my favourite all time genres of music? No! Well it is and Club-85 had the gig of gigs to satisfy any star pilot's musical thirst, The Deviant Amps supporting Hawklords, both bands I really really really like with a passion.

So at least Chris and I had survived the Doncaster adventure and this night we were joined by Alex making this yet another splendid Fellowship outing.

Hitchin Spacewarp Timeslip

It is cold, so cold on the edge of time
It is dark, so dark on the edge of time
Most of our crew were lost, somewhere
Somewhere, out there
In this endless, timeless space
Where here even the stars are obscured

Well thank goodness
I’m only stood on the platform at Stevenage station
Waiting once again, for a Hitchin bound train
We landed in a hostelry selected by the autopilot
And left a galaxy of dreams behind
Well, anyway, the cares of the day
Seemed to slip easily away!

We are The Fellowship
We are one
And we do gigging like it should be done
We are The Fellowship
We are one
And tonight we’re having fun

Alex unaware of the bunny ears from Chris
Chantel in Doncaster the night before
May have taken its toll
For there was no Kevin or Peter or Tim
But Chris and I were still on a roll
And Alex had now joined in
So at least tonight we were three
The Deviant Amps and the Hawklords
At Club-85 in Hitchin we’d see

The Deviant Amps in full flow

We are The Fellowship
We are one
And we do gigging like it should be done
We are The Fellowship
We are one
And tonight we’re having fun

The Deviant Amps were on fine form
And played a good hour long set
It may have been the last with their bass player
But it was the best I’d seen them yet
And anyway I love this band

The Hawklords were simply quite stunning
The new album is somewhat sublime
They treated us to a classic evening of Space Rock
Over two hours of seamless running time
And the crowd shouted for more
More, more, more, more

The crowd called out for more

We are The Fellowship
We are one
And we do gigging like it should be done
We are The Fellowship
We are one
And tonight we’re having fun

Ron Tree giving it large

Jerry Richards in fine form, cosmic.
No, both the Hawlords and Deviant Amps have new albums out, the Hawklords R: Evolution is absolutely out of this world and the Deviant Amps Step In Step Out double album is also utterly brilliant and the last one with long time bass player Martin Wheeldon who has done a magnificent job for so many years but talking to Paul and Keith they have a new bass player lined up so that's good news for the band.
Long live rock and roll, long live Spacerock, long live Club-85 who have a host of great gigs coming up over the next few months.

Grant Meaby



Wow, I'm going to come straight out with it, Chantel McGregor's new album, "Lose Control" is, in my humble opinion, just simply fabulous!
This is a very different Chantel, the blues rock influence may still be there but this is a much 'heavier' and somewhat 'darker' album than her debut album "Like No Other" and while I'm not going to give you a blow by blow track by track review I'll post up a couple of links to reviews that you can visit if you so wish.

So, if you wish to read more take a peep here, or even there:-

Ok, so Chantel was playing a gig on the Lose Control tour at Doncaster in The Icebreakers Bar at The Dome, we thought, that's close enough and do-able so we did, it was a true Fellowship adventure of epic proportions.

So in the words of the bard himself (Me) here it is retold the only way it can be, in words and pictures, oh and by the way, as I construct this here blog I am listening to Lose Control (The album) by Chantel McGregor (Just so's you know!).

Doncaster Over and Out

Friday the 16th October was Tim and Peter’s birthdays
By 2 O’clock work already seemed a lifetime away
Chris and I had had lunch in the Crown
We’d enjoyed a massive ‘Ploughman’s Lunch’
With a few fine beers to wash them down

The Crown at Stotfold

Peter and Kevin arrived and we were on our way
With an uneventful drive up to Doncaster
And so started a new adventure as Kevin was heard to say
We’d checked in at the Lakeside Travelodge in good time
And we settled down to await the arrival of Tim
We didn’t have to wait too long for him

The view from my hotel room
We did however have a long walk to the bus stop
But at just one pound a head the fare to town was very cheap
And so there we were, in the middle of Doncaster old town
Its stunning delights so to reap

Three out of five in The Doncaster Brewery Tap

So did we find the Doncaster Brewery and the Brewery Tap?
You bet we did
The finest crafted real ales and for a pint, less than three quid!
They also sold speciality pies, I couldn’t believe my eyes
When they arrived with a tray full of sauces and pickles
This must indeed be a foretaste of heaven

Those pies, those pies!
Time passes as it has a habit of doing so 
All too soon it was time for us to go
To the Icebreakers Bar in the Doncaster Dome
Two taxis did the trick
Which were also very cheap and very quick

The Dome in Doncaster
In we went through the massive complex
Until we found the Icebreakers Bar
To see the amazing Chantel McGregor
She was on fire this night, a little darker and heavier than before
Her music you fool, what do you take me for?

Chantel in black
Chantel's band really rock
A stunning set and a damn fine time
But when it finished the night was still yet young
So a bus ride back to Doncaster town centre
And the Brewery Tap to re-enter
Just in time for last orders

Could that be the Brewery Tap again?
Somewhat foolishly it was on to Weatherspoons
For a late night cap, or two, as you do, as you do
We piled into a large taxi and it was back to the hotel
Up and down and down and up in the lift
Getting told off by the girl on reception
But that was probably well within our expectation
We did however keep the noise down
Apart from the hiccoughs and giggles
But we slept like babies until morn

A good buffet breakfast back at Icebreakers
Set us up for the journey home
Apart from poor Peter who somewhat delicate
Stayed in the car all alone
For I think last night had somewhat done for him
But oh, what an adventure once again

Lose Control, Chantel? Never
Chantel’s new album is called ‘Loose Control’
I think we did that all right
But oh what a night
That was
Doncaster, over and out.

Still Fabulous

Grant Meaby 21/10/15

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Phew, quite a mouthful that title but you know, sometimes gigs are like buses, you sometimes wait ages for one to come along and then three turn up one after the other!

Friday 2nd October saw a fabulous celebration of musical talent turning up for that well known great supporter of live music and photographer extraordinaire, Peter Gill as he celebrated his 60th birthday in quite some style at Club-85 in Hitchin.

On Saturday the evening saw us down in London at The Slaughtered Lamb for Luke Tuchsherer's very special pledgers & friends by invitation only thank you gig as he has been successful in raising enough funds to make his 2nd solo album and wow, what a gig that was!

Having just about recovered by Sunday night it was time to head off back to Hitchin once again for the Anti Austerity Weekend gig featuring Fishwife's Broadside, The Astronauts and the legendary TV Smith, he of the Adverts fame if you've not followed his extensive solo career as a singer songwriter, Adverts?  Surely you must have heard of 'Gary Gilmore's Eyes', or 'Bored Teeneagers' they were and still are, punk classics.

Anyway, once again I have attempted to 'capure' the weekend in my own inimitable style, so, without further ado, in words and pictures, here goes.

A Veritable Feast of Music

Friday 2nd October

So a spur of the moment decision
Actually it was more by way of a confirmation
And I was heading off to the station
Almost straight away I was on the train
Bound for Hitchin once again
Meeting up with Chris
For a gig we just couldn’t miss
Peter Gill’s birthday celebration
Music galore such jubilation
This is how one should celebrate the big six 0
Way to go Peter, way to go

Mark Sullivan
Mark Sullivan opened the show
Amazing guitar and amazing voice
Then Gabrielle O’Brien came into the mix
Close your eyes, was that Stevie Nicks?

Gabrielle O'Brien

Jay Hollis

Pete Woodroffe
Jay Hollis made his twelve string sing
Pete Woodroffe regaled us with tales in song
And then Roxy came along
Roxy Searle owned the stage
Even when Pete played along
Her presence now mature and strong

Roxy Searle
A fabulous performance but there was still more to come
The Informatives put their hearts into everything they sung
All in all a brilliant night out
And that was just day 1.

The Informatives

Saturday October 3rd

Saturday lunchtime Chris & I
Were London bound once again
Swapping the very crowded train
For a swift one in the Sir John B
Before a little bit of Shanks’s pony
To call into Mabel’s Tavern
And then onto that real ale haven
The Bree Louise for pork & apple cider pie
And a pint to pass the time by

The Bree Louise
Then it was onto The Euston Tap
And although tempted by that
We moved on by tube to Farringdon
Sir John Oldcastle provided a strong dark cider
And among such mirth was born Prog Harvester
Prog's answer to Hayseed Dixie
Will this develop? You’ll have to wait and see!
There is always Hope, in fact that was our next stop
Watching some rugby fuelled by the hops
To The Slaughtered Lamb we then made our way
Where food was the first order of the day

And then down to the venue which couldn’t be nearer
To see the one and only Luke Tuchsherer 
Supported by Danni Nicholls who was brilliant
And then Luke then his band, such talent

Danni Nicholls

First there was one, Luke going solo

And then there were two!

Suddenly there was a band!
Falling asleep on the train on the way home
Chris nodding off and dropping his phone
We awoke just as the train was puling out of Stevenage
Oh well, sometimes that’s just the way it is
Luckily we had time to change at Hitchin to come back
Where we met the lovely Hazel Turnock
So all in all in a roundabout way
It was indeed a mighty fine day.

Sunday 4th October 

The Fellowship had gone to Bedford for another round of Roadhouse Blues
But this gig clashed with another one which is never such good news
For I’d made prior arrangements, including promises to keep
So once again I was Hitchin bound despite a severe lack of sleep
Revived by meeting up with Colin, in the Nightingale
And a true ‘hair of the dog’ a nice cold Colley’s Dog real ale
For we were off down the road to Club-85 once more
The Anti-Austerity weekend gig with donations for the food bank collected at the door

The fabulous Fishwife's Broadside fill the stage
With the full eight piece band on stage, Fishwife’s Broadside started off the night
They were really up for it and they played an awesome set alright
With the Nuzz Prowling Wolf unsound system spinning tunes between the bands
With disturbingly relevant backdrops music and images went hand in hand
Mark Astronaut with Dom on guitar played a stripped down Astro’s set
Mark was animated and passionate good or what? You bet!
And then came the man himself the legendary TV Smith
This was a gig of enormity and one I was so glad I did not miss

Mark & Dom stripped down Astronauts gave a storming performance
TV Smith was outstanding
Playing some old songs by The Adverts and many from his solo repertoire
This was indeed something special, one of the best gigs this year by far
The only note of sadness is the fact that nothing much has changed
What was so relevant in the seventies is still today just so much the same
But we can and must help each other if we can stay honest and stay true
We must see through the media lies and what the government tells us all to do
For despite austerity and all the cuts there is something we can all help to change
There is still compassion and people power it’s nothing new or weird or strange
But it’s up to me and you to play our parts in this
We’ve got to seize the opportunity we can’t afford to miss
But, it’s up to us
No one else

And so the collection begins
In fact, with great respect to the above picture, this was just the start of what was collected for the Hitchin food bank, it was significantly biggher at the end of the gig + the cash donations, it really was generosity unbounded, the sad thing of course is that we need to do this at all and that's as political I'll get on here right now other than to say that TV Smith's song, "The Day We Caught the Big Fish" has to be one of the most moving and poignant songs I've heard for many a year.

Grant Meaby
October 2015