Sunday, 15 November 2015


Now under normal circumstances I'd probably not blog a small and somewhat impromptu gig like this but as the world turns in pain over recent events it is good to record the fact that there are many good people 'out there' and those with hearts to do some good in this world in whatever way they can.

The Informatives had theoretically played their final farewell gig at Club-85 a few weeks ago for Peter Gill's 60th birthday bash but due to the loss by the dreaded 'C' word of one of the bands family members the lads decided to do one last show as a benefit fund-raised for Cancer Research.
Supported by Joey Hanson who is definitely a talent to look out for it was a splendid night of excellent music and with Peter on sound engineering duties (Rather than behind the lens) it was a damn fine night of great music played to an absolutely heaving pub.

I only had my little Nokia phone camera with me which is a shame but hey ho, you can't win them all and with this gig being only about three minutes walk from home + Greene King IPA at only £2:29 a pint not only was it a very cheap night out but of course I was able to put more"In the bucket" as I hope man many others did.

The Informatives - Front line!

The Informatives - Back Line!

Joey Hanson - One to watch out for

The legendary Peter Gill on sound duties, sound job too!

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