Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Sunday Session - Dodo Bones & More at Club-85

Sunday night acoustic sessions, here's what Club-85 themselves posted about this particular gig:-

One of our highlights from the Folk stage at Balstock this year, as soon as we saw them we just had to book them. Cajon, double bass, guitar and smouldering vocals wrapped up in some very odd covers and originals.
Not to be missed.

Donna is an established artist having performed within UK and international festivals. Her love of music is combined with her passion to make a difference within the local and global community. 
Throughout her career, Donna has shown her support for charity, raising funds for such charities as NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), and Help for Heroes.
In 2015 Donna became Head of Performance at Rhythms of the World.

DAN BOND - Formerly one half of the rather excellent Music and Spies. Now Dan is flying the flame solo with his troubadour acoustic styling.

"I explored Country music and loved the styles of Lee Brice, Luke Bryan, Chris Young and Gloriana, I began to song write and play the guitar. My inspiration to become one of the UK’s most successful Country singers comes from my reverence for Miranda Lambert. 
To me, music is a gateway. It makes me happy, sad, angry, excitable and even confused. But as I’ve grown, I’ve realised that it not only provides me with a tool to entertain but to share these feelings with people so they know they’re not alone when they too feel the same."

Well, what a splendid gig it was, a FOTS threesome of myself, Peter & Chris ambled along and had a truly wonderful night of excellent music.

Dem bones dem bones dem, Dodo Bones

Dem bones dem bones dem, Dodo Bones
Dem bones dem bones dem, Dodo Bones
Dem bones dem bones dem, Dodo Bones
Now hear the word of the bard
It was nice to see Peter with a smile on his face
Throughout every act on this night that rocked the place
Now you may think that this statement sounds somewhat silly
But there was no reggae and no rockabilly
And what’s more our Peter had a thirst for the beer
As he wasn’t driving he was so full of cheer

Peter & Chris, smiles all round
Which made it all the nicer for Chris and for me
For to be with a happy Peter is a good place to be
And the music was good, well to be honest in fact
It was more than just good it was better than that
Georgia Nevada with her country tinged songs
With Connor Wells accompanying helping her along

Georgia Nevada with Connor Wells
Then Dan Bond, what a damn fine surprise
One half of the late lamented Music & Spies

Dan Bond delivered an excellent set
'Rhythms' head of performance Donna MacKay
Was the next talented artist to get up and play

Donna MacKay
And then came the headliners in a class of their own
The fabulous wonderful band Dodo Bones

The wonderful Dodo Bones

They were smooth they were sexy
They were so entertaining it’s true
So there’s only one thing left  for me to say to you
And it’s
Dem bones dem bones dem, Dodo Bones
Dem bones dem bones dem, Dodo Bones
Dem bones dem bones dem, Dodo Bones
Now go and buy the CD

Grant Meaby November 2015

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